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Dragons are mythical creatures found all around the world, possibly inspired by various sources such as giant lizards and snakes, but also dinosaur bones and simple tall-tales from travelers in distant lands. Dragons are often keepers of treasure and knowledge, symbols of earthly power, rebirth and fire. In Asia, Dragons are often regarded as bringers of good luck, while in Europe the dragon became associated with the devil and Satan, mainly through references in the Bible.

Dragons are lizard-like in appearance, and can usually fly, although serpentine, wingless and legless versions of dragons are also known. Another feature common in portrayals of dragons is that they can breathe fire or poison.

Because of their majestic, fantastic nature, Dragons are a staple of much fantasy fiction and games. One of the most well known dragons is Smaug, from Tolkien's The Hobbit. The vast majority of later portrayals of dragons in fiction was based on Smaug, who in turn had been inspired by dragons like Fafnir, from the Völsunga Saga the dragon from Beowulf and so on.

Dragons are one of the main selling points of the Dungeons & Dragons game, to the point that the 4th edition includes a draconian race called Dragonborn, intended for players who "want to look like a dragon". But they are retarded because their females have boobs, and that makes no sense since only mammals can have boobs (indeed, having boobs/nipples is what separates mammals from every other kind of animal) and dragons are reptiles. Thus 4th edition is retarded.

Dragon kind, humanoid dragons, are basically the confirmation of the rule that dragons can mate with anything, just like humans, fiends, celestials, slaadi, mordons/inevitables/formians, and gribbly abominations from the far realm. We now permit you to take a break to use the brain oxi-clean provided to you by billy may's ghost to scrub any mental images you may have of a human, dragon, angel, balor, black slaad, formian queen or-OH SWEET MERCIFUL GOD-EMPEROR THE MENTAL IMAGE!!!!

There are also 'Dragon Riders' but they're really just pussy knights that just pilot the Dragons and let them fight for them, occasionally dismounting to deliver a finishing blow or give a pompous bullshit speech. (Except for Viking Dragon Riders, hardcore shit right there)

Johniass Dragonraper is known to rape a dragon on occasion.

Toothless Dragon the D'aawww-est dragon evur

Dragon Quest Fuck Adventurers