Dreadscythe Harridan

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TitleRemovedJinRoh.pngIn the Grimdarkness of the far future, a brief life burns brightly. This article or section is a work of Grimdark. Expect a copious amount of depression, existentialism, hopelessness with a sprinkle of edge. So what can we say but exclaim: I LOVE BIG BROTHER!

We all know the stereotypical Healer, right? Altruistic, kind, always putting themself above others? Generally kind souls to a fault. You'd surely expect for them to be treated as well in death as they treated others in life, right? Wrong. Oh, you are so wrong. The Dreadscythe Harridan is possibly one of the most tragic and cruel units in Age of Sigmar.


In life, as mentioned they were healers, druids, and doctors that dedicated themselves to saving lives. Sounds good right? No bueno - at least, in the mind of bone daddy. You see, he sees this as a massive slight, because in his fucked up roundabout logic, they are preventing souls from coming to him at their appointed time, and thus are transgressing. To us this is obviously utterly insane, but such opinions are trite to him.

So upon death, to punish them for their "crimes", they are stripped of all control of themselves (a standard issue amongst Nighthaunt) and fuelled with an unquenchable bloodlust, with their hands being replaced with cruel, wicked scythes. They're also rendered unable to speak, they can only scream. This would usually be enough for the Nighthaunt, but there's one more terrible detail - they are afflicted with the "Harridan Curse" which means that they are fully aware and conscious of what they are doing, but unable to stop it. Jesus.

Now keep in mind, this doesn't happen to EVERY healer in the realms. In fact, it only really happens when Nagash personally gets his hands on their souls. But it can happen to ANY healer, and Nagash has many servants bringing him souls from all over the place, meaning that every person who decides to take up the job of a healer runs the risk of condemning themselves to an eternity of being trapped as a blade-handed killing machine of a spirit. Yikes.

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