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In the long tradition of Primaris taking stealing the Eldar's shticks and doing them better, Eradicators are a new type of Primaris Marines whose primary function is to destroy enemy armor with long-ranged Melta Rifles. Yes, you heard us, LONG. RANGE. MELTA. RIFLES. And that's not including the Heavy Melta Rifles and the classic Multi-Meltas. They also all wear Gravis Armour, because you know, fuck subtlety and all that. Logically, we can expect the Salamanders to suddenly get shitloads of these guys.

Even worse, they have a special ability that allows them to focus-fire on one enemy, allowing them to fire twice, but only if they fire on that one enemy. Again, take something from another race and do it even better. As of the writing of this, they are totally broken in-game.


You really wanna know how broken these walking tank busters are? Well then, strap yourself up for a doozy. You now have a Gravis-armored squad with meltaguns with double the range. Expect to see a lot of salt here, especially once you notice the Total Obliteration rule: if every model in the unit fires at the same target, it fires twice (as long as it did not Advance). That means six melta shots at 24" that hits on 3's. Holy Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese is that fucking lethal, especially given the Melta buffs of automatically hitting at a minimum of 3 Wounds at half range.

The models themselves are T5 W3 meaning they aren't too easily removed. Multi-Meltas are Heavy and 10 extra points, and if infantry move they have -1 to hit. These models are 45 points for a T5/W3 model that can move and fire normally or advance and have that -1 (although at greatly reduced damage output). At this price point, Eradicators are heads above tank hunters for any other army (note the cries of the humble Fire Dragons). You can swap out for a Heavy version of their base gun which is +2 damage over the original but becomes a Heavy weapon, and one in three can exchange for a Multi-Melta - although considering their short-range you may be best served sticking with the base kit to keep mobile at full accuracy. Horrifying visions of burning fields of vehicles aside...actually not aside, that's the point. Very dangerous.

Forces of the Primaris Marines
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