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Ettins are a species of mutant hill giants from Dungeons & Dragons, whose only real claim to fame is that they have two heads. Each head has its own brain and thusly its own personality. The two usually can't stand each other and so ettins tend to spend a lot of time bickering and yammering to themselves.

But, since two heads are better than one, they've got a couple halfway decent powers out of the deal, like ease of two-weapon fighting, enhanced ability to spot people sneaking up on them, and making sure that one head's always awake and keeping an eye out for pesky adventurers.

At some point around 2rd edition, Ettins became a distinct species of giant, as opposed to being mutants. In Forgotten realms, detail in Giantcraft, they are the progeny of Arno and Julian, second to last son of Annam and Othea, making Ettin true born giants. their name in translated in common as “ugly giant” which derives from giant language for the word "Runt", with Ettin gaining zero recognition in the ordaining because of being the smallest and trying to compete with the mental faculties of a Hill Giant.

given ettins in the forgotten Realms is the only true giants to have an earthy titan progenitor but no godly cousin to represent the ettin race, they often give their respects to Grolantor and he is often given credit for their creation given his promiscuity with monstrosities.

In Pathfinder they're noted to speak a creole of Giant, Goblin, and Orc.

Started to be Possited in In 4th that Demogorgon's demonic influence had spawned the first ettins. 5th edition, Orc legends say they're the result of Orcs messing around with one of Demogorgon's temples, since, you know, two heads.


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