Extra Heresy

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Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.
D:< !!

Extra Heresy, also known as Double Heresy, is a form of Heresy so Heretical that it causes everyone in the room to drop everything and stare in awe of how Heretical it is. The term was coined by Commissar Fuklaw.

Some ways to define Extra Heresy:

  1. An extremely intense variety of normal heresy
  2. Something that's heretical even for Chaos (i.e. a pacifist Bloodletter)
  3. Something that tampers with the lore of an established franchise
  4. Something that just makes you RAGE with the intensity of a thousand supernovas (not always interchangeable with the term cancer, which implies disgust rather than outrage)
  5. Something that the mere mention of which violates you to your core

Extra Heresy is punishable by Exterminatus of the heretic and their kind.

...Followed by revivification, followed by further Exterminatus.

Things that are considered Extra Heresy (With reasons why it classifies as such)[edit]

  • 6th Edition
  • Daemonettes
  • Matt Ward: Enough said.
  • C.S. Goto
  • Ian Watson
  • Khornate Knights
  • Female Space Marines
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Ponies who aren't in their containment board.
  • Matt Ward: (Read reason above)
  • ALL of the Grey Knights for some reaso-*BLAM*
  • Furries: Human traitors that choose to become xeno scum.
  • Furry-Bronies, even in their containment board.
  • Eldar Space Marines
  • Chaos Spawn since just mentioning it causes to you t-AAUGHBLACIFTHFG *BLAM* Mercy kill.
  • Squad Broken (We're struggling to figure out if there's a level above Extra Heresy to describe it)
  • Fanboys, Fangirls, or Fan Attack Helicopt-*BLAM* NO.
  • Matt Ward
  • Cultist-Chan
  • Heresy is extra heresy.
  • Xenos love (as per Commissar Fuklaw stated, but i'm willing to try i-*BLAM*
  • Skub
  • Matt Ward
  • Anything in relation to half-breeds, the actual names of which is not worth mentioning.if only all anons were like this one
  • Winx Club, especially the later seasons. But, Greta likes the later sea-*BLAM*
  • The concept of Taco Fridays. (It’s Freedom Friday anyway) HERESY!!! *BLAM* Taco Friday was the invention of the Man-Emperor of Mankind!
  • Saying that Taco Tuesday is on Friday. ( the powers of chaos prevail) DAMMIT MAGNUS
  • Mentioning the name of the traitor of the Imperium, Kasey Boon. I would say tha- *BLAM* SHIPPING KASEMERALD IS HERESY!!!!!
  • This trash: https://1d4chan.org/images/5/50/Temperus_maximus.png because
  • Oh and did we mention Matt Ward
  • Winx Club is no longer salvageable. Everything and everyone must be killed. Fate: The Winx Saga has forever tarnished the whole franchise through terrible writing, a extremely rushed adaptation of 26 episodes of ONE season, whose influence is American comics and teen drama series around the time of the show's debut, therefore British brevity and Winx Club are theoretically and practically impossible to do. But the worst part about it is that the characters are at best druggies and at worst some of the most deranged, despicable and hateful people to ever exist. Sky's character in this is just horrible. In this show, he has a foul mouth, he is downright horrible to his girlfriend, which is Stella, in case you are wondering. While it is a wiki, this needs to be said. As a kid, I viewed him as the closest thing that I had to a brother due to me not having friends and had an abusive carer. She appeared in a British soap opera called Emmerdale as a vicar, you might know that. Just having this character who filled the role of brother being this horrendous narcissistic thing is heartbreaking and downright depressing. And while it's from IDW Sonic, it's pretty apt. "I got lost in his pageantry- in his showmanship. I was inspired by the legend. The man simply doesn't match up." This applies to Dr Eggman. But this also applies to Ingino Straffini for authorizing the butchery of not just the show, but the whole franchise as a whole.