Forces of Malal

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The forces of the Renegade God has always been solitary and spread thin. But what they lack in proper cohesive force they make up for pure power and cunning. The forces of both mortal and daemon alike both strive to honor their Anarchic lord through varying contradictions and staunched atheistic beliefs. Like their god before them, the forces of Malal are extraordinary different from the usual and identifiable hordes of blood drenched Bloodletters of Khorne, to the shifting masses of Tzeentch, from the erotic Daemonettes of Slaanesh and the decaying corpses of Plaguebearers of Nurgle. The daemons of Malal are best described as masses of gnarled bones, hollowed scales, insectoid legs and color ranging from the absolute opposites of black and white. They looked different, weird and bizarrely out of place against Chaos, and in many regards that was Malal's greatest strength.

The forces of Malal do not believe in the existence from other gods as mentioned, even their own parental god, Malal is put into question by his own followers. While the irony may prove a bit much to the eyes of the Imperium or other Chaos warbands, to the forces of Malal, one thing stands clear; kill all the believers. This in turn has put them in the logging heads of the Wordbearers and their ilk. With an endless bloodbath being sown across the battlefields, spilling the deaths of both traitor and loyal at once.

Their anti-chaos outlook has alerted the interests of more radical Inquisitors, however the Ordo Malleus as a whole warn the dangers of using these agnostic foes as they are as easy to turn against the Imperium as they are each other.

Sons of Malice

The Sons of Malice are the main chosen followers of Malal. Ever since Malal changed his name into Malice to avoid a potential coup from his four siblings. The Sons of Malice has vowed to eliminate all followers or religion until only science and unbelief reigns supreme. Identifiable by their black and white color palette befitting to a god of contradictions, the Sons of Malice are ruthless followers notorious for their cannibalistic tendencies that is above and beyond even the standards of Chaos. Yet despite this, the Sons of Malice are overall neutral towards the Imperium despite the incident that involved a Inquisitor and a few Celestians as the Sons continue to focus their main objective in the annihilation of all things Chaos.

The Sons of Malice still retain plenty of wargear dating back during pre-Heresy. Some are even reported to still have functioning Titans and warmachines that have been altered to suit Malal's tastes.

Null Knights

Null Knights also known as Null Marines are the elite mortals who have dedicated whole heatedly to Malal's course towards total anarchy and infighting. Each Null Knight are colored not unlike the Sons of Malice. They are differed however with a bisected skull helmet to honor their patron god. Null Knights while armed with a conventional bolter and CQC weapon are noticeable with their aura of dread that effects all things Chaos.

Like the Blanks utilized by the Imperium, Null Knights 'nullify' their surroundings of all psychic influence hence their name. This aura of nullification is a great danger to psykers and a absolute death sentence towards lesser daemons of the other Chaos Gods. Thus, combating Null Knights have been a dangerous task committed by the other forces of Chaos. Their nullification renders the blasphemous and heretical sorcery of Chaos Sorcerers obsolete and harmless as the warp energy simply dissipates without even going near the Knights. Only through conventional means and weapons would damage be done to the followers of Malal.

Null Knights are utterly fearless and disciplined, shocking the followers of Khorne with dread and admiration at the same time. If it was not for Malal's anarchic policy of utter destruction, then Malal would of made best allies with the Blood God.

Guardian of Contradictions

The Guardian of Contradictions are the Greater Daemons of Malal and are thus, his most powerful loyal subjects. Resembling a skeletal jackal. These daemons incredibly disciplined and methodical. Rather than going head first into battle in a blinding rage like a Bloodthirster or in ecstatic arousal like a Keeper of Secrets, the Guardians stand on the back lines forming battle plans and strategic actions against their foes.

While Guardians are few in number in contrast to the Greater Daemons of the other Chaos Gods, they make this up with quality gear and weaponry that can break a Bloodthirster in two. Indeed it is a common sight to see a Guardian go up against several winged heralds of Khorne only to see the Guardian slaughtering Khorne's favored sons with relative ease.

Guardians of Contradictions wield the extremely dangerous and volatile Etherblades which aura of un-Chaos dissipates any chaotic influences before slicing a daemon in two. The nature of the Guardians is to reverse the nature of whichever Daemon it face. For example, in close contact, a follower of Khorne would suddenly lose the will to fight and the feelings of hate and anger before being slain by a Guardian. A follower of Slaanesh would lose all her orgasmic delight and be installed with immense feelings of depression, dread and fear before being reduced into a cowering and sobbing wreck. A follower of Tzeentch would lose all his cognitive and ambitious willpower and be replaced with intense idiocy and bewilderment that would infuriate the complex plans of Tzeentch. Lastly a follower of Nurgle would lose all diseases and decay after returning into a pristine and healthy body before being disintegrated by the contradicting energies of a Guardian. It is of this reason why the Guardian of Contradictions are feared throughout the realms of Chaos.

Whereas the Guardian is composed mainly of a large bipedal, skeletal jackal, it also comprises a second minor entity of that of a young women forming the end of its tail. This secondary entity compose of a young beautiful women, connected either through the entire neck of the Guardian or through her tailbone. If it is the latter, she resemble something overall human, albeit naked and her limbs being insectoid in appearances. It can be said that the minor entities whose main body has yet to fully form are immature, while those with the body of a full adult women are the matured entity. These secondary entities are separate to that of the main Guardian, possessing a different mind of its own. While a Guardian is cold, calculative and merciless, the female entity is manipulative, formal and of high class. These entities prefer to wear modest clothes once they fully mature and often 'ride' on the backs of their Guardians as warmounts. When not in battle, these females discuss to their mortal followers on what next plan to do. If a particular mortal gains her favor, she would then allow him to impregnate her while her Guardian sits uncomfortably close. Once her and her favored mortal has done doing their business, she then later gives birth to a new Guardian juvenile. This act on daemonic intercourse was a shocking find to the Imperium as not even Slaanesh's Daemonettes would go this far. However the female entity insists that it is done out of necessity rather then depravity and they feel no arousal instead.

When Guardians of Contradictions are not in battle, they stand busy guarding the Eternal Mansion of Malal.