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|Home to the Legio Metalica. Also known as Metalicus due to GW not wanting to get sued. They maintain the only known [[Titans_40k#Imperial_Titans|Imperial Titans]] capable of out-rocking the [[Gargant]]s made by the [[Ork#Rokkas|Goff Rokkas]]. They also provide most of the Adeptus Mechanicus forces fighting on Armageddon at any given time, and are notable for [[Awesome|going on Tyranid safaris]].  
|Home to the Legio Metalica. Also known as Metalicus due to GW not wanting to get sued. They maintain the only known [[Titans_40k#Imperial_Titans|Imperial Titans]] capable of out-rocking the [[Gargant]]s made by the [[Ork#Rokkas|Goff Rokkas]]. They also provide most of the Adeptus Mechanicus forces fighting on Armageddon at any given time, and are notable for [[Awesome|going on Tyranid safaris]]. Following the Charadon Campaign, its techpriests been preoccupied with keeping the techno-virus that [[Typhus]] infected it with from corrupting the planet. So far they've been relatively successful, but the virus has yet to be eradicated.

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Rage-a.pngThis article or section contains opinions shared by all and/or vast quantities of Derp. It is liable to cause Rage. Take things with a grain of salt and a peck of Troll.

"Alas, expensive things are better than the cheap."

– Janina Ipohorska

Forge World is a term associated with Warhammer 40,000. In-universe, it applies to planets owned by the Adeptus Mechanicus devoted entirely to manufacturing. Out-of-universe, it applies to a division within Games Workshop that specializes in large and finely-detailed, hyper-expensive models. Seriously, you could spend the same amount of money on a decent used car as one of their premium lumps of plastic.


Hello, I'm a Tau Manta. I am reasonably priced at a mere £1,100 (€1,360) ($1,705).
Hello, I'm a Trumpeter 2-in-1 1:16 King Tiger. You can buy four of me for that.

The first meaning of Forge World is if you took Games Workshop and leveled it up a few times. It's a sub-division of GW and produces resin-cast models for 40k, Fantasy Battle, Battlefleet Gothic, and Epic. Forge World grew from one of the oldest official giant stupid model projects, the early 40K lead Thunderhawk Gunship, which was originally created as a limited edition and routinely thrown at people who won GW contests. The Thunderhawk proved so popular that GW realized there was a serious market for giant stupid models, and thus Forge World was born to provide them, starting with Baneblades and suchlike, working up to full-sized 40K Titans. Over time it's since gone about producing its own range of models and rule sets for a huge array of different factions, and even has its own home-grown Imperial Guard variants (the badass Death Korps of Krieg (or at least codified what was once little more than a doodle in the 3rd Edition IG Codex) and Elysian Drop Troops). The awesome-looking Chaos Renegades for Lost and the Damned also came from here.

More recently, Forge World has been spitting out gloriously beautiful and horrendously expensive Horus Heresy-era models, meaning every mark of Astartes Power Armor, Cataphractii Terminators, and older patterns of Rhino and Land Raider. This, in turn, creates the best and worst things ever; re-built, revamped Rogue Trader models. The horrible, goofy weapons, tanks, and dreadnoughts are back, in wonderful, goofy new resin kits. They all look amazingly terrible (and terribly amazing), but the icing on the cake includes Primarchs like Horus himself and fukken JETBIKES. Yes, Forge World put out pre-Heresy Jetbikes, and they are everything you hoped and dreamed for (provided you hoped and dreamed for resin dicks with Spess mahrienss inside them), including a new forgotten weapon type (the Volkite). And now they also have Mechanicum models too- because who doesn't want to play around with the oft-forgotten Imperial Robots?

In addition, many of their older models (read: all the ones you want) are no longer available and command even higher premium prices, and all special models (read: all of them) require an attendant overpriced supplement containing rules that tell you how the hell to actually use it, since just including these as a printable PDF on the site would remove a valuable opportunity to steal your moneys. These are called Imperial Armour Volumes, and are handily abbreviated by everyone here as IA (and then a Volume Number). People who claim they have these either do not actually have these and instead have .pdf copies / only have one or two (generally out of date) and treat them like Gutenberg Bibles / have like 4+ and are way too rich for their own good.

Also responsible for the Forgeworld Reserve Phenomenon.

As of April 1st, 2016 (and no, it doesn't appear to be an April Fools joke), Forge World has apparently jumped onto GW's "Last Chance to Buy" bandwagon and has decided to do some housecleaning on their product range. Thankfully, it's mostly obscure bits that likely hardly anyone ever bought or used, but notable losses include the Ork Kill Krusha Tank, Macharius Omega, and almost the entire MKIV Dreadnought line, both Chaos and Loyalist. Many other models have gotten the axe since, notably all the Elysian line, mark 2, 3, and 4 space marine armor, etc. Combined with the retarded markup they now give to buyers outside the UK and the Adeptus Titanicus fiasco glorious rebirth, Forge World is now seemingly becoming the hated company Games Workshop once was, while the main branch keeps rolling out PR successes. showing the true colors of Games Workshop as a whole once more - with their "faster shipping" fiasco proving that the entirety of their social media is merely a publicity stunt (like most corporations). It's worth nothing that FW represents GW as a whole - they are run by the same people on the highest levels.

In conclusion: "Five hundred quid for a fucking titan? If I ever find the fucker responsible I'm going to beat them to death with their own HHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhnnnnnnngggggg-". Note: Look at the new Warlord titans, 900 POUNDS for a titan, 1240 with weaponry.

*This doesn't mean to imply that you're limited to only two models unless you happen to be a serial killer or a corrupt mortician.

Notable Writers

Things Forge World Loves

Screw giving the Sisters of Battle some much needed loving, let's just concentrate all our resources on some obscure chapter that nobody cares about.
  • Your money
  • The Horus Heresy
  • Aircraft
  • Rapiers
  • Tau Battlesuits (XV9s!! fap fap fap) (XV107s!!! fapfapfapfap) (HERESY! BLAMBLAMBLAM)
  • IG Tanks
  • Have we said your money?
  • Daemon Engines
  • Red Scorpions
  • Terminators, all the Terminators (except for the robots originating from a certain movie, even though Games Workshop lifted from that movie to make a race of robots for their setting)
  • Titans and the price to go with them
  • Kroot
  • We may as well say it again, your money
  • Charging 100$ for a book
  • High quality Customer Service
  • Space Marines
  • Dreadnoughts (they actually sell autocannons!!!)
    • Now really only true for Contemptor/Leviathan/Deredeo Dreads, since they axed most of their Mk IV/V Dread stuff, including FW-exclusive variants like Chaplain and Sonic Dreadnoughts.
  • Death Korps of Krieg (enough so that many of their units aren't as overpriced, though still not for the stingy).
  • Adding an extra "0" to the end of reasonable prices
  • The word "siege" attached to everything
  • Turrets & Immobile scenery
  • Units that are broken to play against not anymore, GW realised they lost money because of that
  • Your Opponent's money
  • Selling towing vehicles to move that immobile scenery around
  • Bringing civilian vehicles to battle. Seriously, a Sentinel Power-lifter?
  • Introducing Salvo Weapons on units that will never use the rules for salvo weapons properly, or making them so bad that no-one ever takes them.
  • Papa Nurgle
  • The Orks, when GW won't love them because they aren't serious enough
  • Total War: WARHAMMER (Especially the Norsca DLC, which whilst Awesome, was basically a playable Forge World advertisement! Until they stopped selling most of those things. But hey, they still sell the Mourngul and boob troll.)
  • Discontinuing items more-or-less at random, apparently. Including ones you might actually need for making viable Horus Heresy armies.
  • Your Money

Things Forge World Hates

  • Decent shipping
  • Australians
  • New Zealanders
  • EU Citizens
  • 'Rest of the World' citizens
  • Anyone not in the UK, really
  • Poor people (eg. most of the editors of 1d4chan).
  • You.
  • Making sure their rules all have models.
  • Making sure their models all have rules.
  • Making sure their weapons have weapon profiles.
  • Making army lists (the rules for their models are fine; their lists, on the other hand, are not).
  • Making sure their stuff is balanced.
  • Making sure the £180 Fellblade Super Heavy Tank you just bought came with THE FUCKING TURRET
  • Spell Chequing.
  • The Sisters of Battle
  • Did we mention you? You.
  • Proofreading books before release for rules/timelines/basic logic errors (supersonic transports that cannot land?).
  • Warhammer Fantasy.
  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. No longer true, ever since they were given full control over the range. Now it's one of the few things they still make stuff for.
  • Chaos that isn't Khorne or Nurgle.
  • Dwarfs
  • The Empire
  • Other games workshop stores
  • Making faces that don't look like shit.
  • Making their instructions anywhere near understandable.
  • Making uniform base sizes.
  • Making sure their weapons don't have similar (or in some cases, the same) names.
  • Releasing anything they advertise until long after the initial hype has died down.
  • You

An Alternative Point on the Price (which is your soul, by the way)

While it’s a tradition of neckbeards everywhere to bemoan having to pay an arm, leg, testicle and unicorn blood for Forge World, it could be argued that Forge World’s high costs do have the beneficial side effect of taking some of the overpowered weapons and wargear that are supposed to be rare in the fluff, and bringing them into the tabletop while still making them rather rare in the meta, as comparatively few people are willing or able to fork over the teef for the models and rules. This is a good thing because, well, everybody wants a Titan, but do you really want everybody to actually have one? This way, it’s a bigger deal when this stuff actually shows up on the tabletop, as it should be, and if you’re the sort that doesn’t like to go up against that sort of cheese you’re not likely to run into it too often.... or at least that's how it WOULD be if Forge World units weren't such a mixed bag these days. Not everything they make right now is overpowered, in fact if they aren't they tend to be absolute shite.

A case in point of what happens when that little status quo is disrupted, with the release of affordable plastic Contemptor dreadnoughts and Cataphractii terminators, and with Angels of Death giving us non-Forge World rules for them, you can bet that everyone and their squig is gonna have the damn things now, even with the rather dumbed-down rules compared to Imperial Armour.

Common Misconceptions

You'll occasionally find arguments online or perhaps within local gaming groups about the validity or "official-ness" of Forge World products. This has become less prevalent in recent years as the general perception of Forge World has become more mainstream, though every now and then the prejudice rears its ugly head, usually when a certain opponent won't let you play the FW model you forked out a small fortune for.

Lets make one thing perfectly clear: Forge World (and Black Library) is Games Workshop. They share the same trading address and legal identity. It is not a subsidiary company (which would be a separate legal entity, but owned by the parent) nor is it a licensee (which is a third party permitted to use the IP).

By comparison, Citadel Miniatures was founded as a subsidiary company and had its own separate projects outside of Warhammer/Warhammer 40,000 (so your opponent can Rage when you tell him your Forge World model has more direct legal provenance than his old metal models). GW also acquired Sabertooth games, which operated as an independent subsidiary, but both were eventually absorbed back into Games Workshop.

So, back to the issue with Forge World. Many people had an innate dislike for the fact that Forge World models and rules were not actually declared by Forge World *or* Games Workshop to be "officially" part of the game; they would refuse to allow them on the tabletop, since they did not come from a Games Workshop primary rules source (such as a Codex, or the Big Rule Book). Forge World eventually started printing prefaces in their books explaining that their rules were official; but some still claim that since "Games Workshop" itself hasn't come out and said it, that they remain unofficial. However, since the spines of FW's books have always had the Games Workshop logos on them and the inside front cover have the legal copyright and property notices from GW, this argument seems specious at best; rather, much like how the Big Rule Book has no actual explicit declaration that rules from White Dwarf are "official", the Imperial Armour books themselves should be considered as canonical (what ever that means in 40k) as GW sources.

However, as with White Dwarf, GW hates you far too much as a gamer and customer to label any of their rulebooks/codices with edition numbers, much less ensure that their FW rules are always kept up to date with the current edition, and unlike Codices where you can typically determine the edition at a glance, a lot of Forge World books superficially "look" similar and may even have exactly the same name (to date there have been FOUR books with the title "Imperial Armour Apocalypse" but only two of them have sub-titles). This can be a major reason the rules are banned at tournaments, and an opponent might object for the same reason they might object to fighting a Squats army under the current rules - however "obvious" the rules translation might be, some people are uncomfortable playing games across too wide an edition gap, as rules interactions may make no sense at all and/or have utterly pathological balance ramifications. Update this has become pretty much irrelevant with the release of 8th edition where Forge World have released complete indexes for pretty much their entire line.

We all know how litigious GW can get with regards to "unofficial" products using their copyright, so you can bet if it wasn't official/legal Forge World would have had their asses handed to them, but it would seem absolutely stupid to sue the guys in the next office over in the same building as you.

So next time you get to the table and your opponent starts whining about your Forge World models not being legal, just batter him over the head with your Imperial Armour book, which will be an order of magnitude heavier than his little codex and claim your victory by default.

As an additional side note - this has nothing to do with the perception of FW rules being either powerfully unbalanced or too focused on the narrative, but on reflection, that's no different from the skub surrounding codex creep and painful nerfing already rampant within "core" GW material. So what's new?

If a Tournament Organiser decides that they don't want to include Forge World rules then that is entirely their prerogative as they will want the tournament to be as balanced or as hassle free as is reasonable, especially since FW have a tendency to publish their rules with minor variances across multiple "in-date" books, which can be a nightmare to manage, especially where some books have "current" rules alongside other rules which have been superseded elsewhere. Though with the advent of 8th edition, and all factions receiving simultaneous rule updates via indexes (Imperial, Xenos and Chaos Imperial Armour indexes), these rules are much easier to keep track of than ever before.

But these organisers (if they are smart) will also likely restrict "core" army selections too, so no Unbound lists or may exclude certain FOCs, because in the end which is more unbalanced and cheesy? The guy who takes a contemptor dreadnought in his Combined Arms detachment or the guy who take an unbound army of Heldrakes? (Ha Held Rakes sound scary). If the tournament organizer is using the ITC standard for 40k, Forge World units themselves are in fact quite legal.

All that said however, there is a somewhat valid reason why someone may be a bit "model-shy" around Forge World rules; and that is information. There are 16 armies in 40k, and each dex tends to have more than one valid build; the Astra Militarum alone has six (tank heavy, artillery heavy, balance, flying circus, infantry spam, veteran spam). From a player's perspective, throwing MORE armies, rules, and models at them only compounds how much they need to consider. By counting Forge World, the number of army lists jumps to over 28 without considering supplements or mini-codices with only a handful of options, and again, each list can be played in more than one way, and then there are the (admittedly handful) of differences between Forge World and Games Workshop about the same model "is that the vanquisher with the coaxial? or not?" and then on top of all that you need to consider allies. While Forge World is legal from any logical standpoint, people are not logical, and may be daunted by just how much new information they have to learn in order to make proper gameplay choices and not lose, because they did not know that the Death Korp can give orders to artillery. Again, though Forge World is by any standard as legal as any codex, the other player may feel intimidated by your Space Marine siege army just because he does not know for sure what it can do and chose to walk way from it the same way he would if you brought an unbound army made of nothing but riptides.


The second, fluffy, definition is a type of Imperial Worlds that refers to an entire world converted into a factory; one that runs at high capacity, even for its size. They produce everything from laspistols to Land Raiders to Titans, so they are needed to keep the Imperial war machine trundling forward. Many of them have particular specialties, such as Ryza's plasma weapons. Because of their nature, the Adeptus Mechanicus highly regard these worlds as holy places, and the Mechanicus owns just about all of them, which is fine since there are only a few of them and the Mechanicus is best at maintaining that shit. Losing a single one is considered an unacceptable loss by the Mechanicus, and the Imperium as well since it'll be harder than fuck to fill in those planet-sized gaps in their industrial sector (with that said, it's frequent to see hive worlds being described as essential industrial centers, and many of them certainly live off of their industrial output alone, so being industrial centers alone doesn't make a planet a forge world). In the fluff, there is actually a Forge World called 'Zpandex'. Turns out, many of them are actually Tomb Worlds.

A few Forge Worlds of note:

Known Forge Worlds:
Accatran Makes all the wargear for the Elysian Drop Troops. Their Titan Legion, the Legio Destructor, is the largest of all the Titan legions and their constant battles against Orks have made the Legio Destructor increasingly unorthodox in its outlook and behavior (read: Orky), and they have the awesome battlecry, 'big death, Big Death, BIG DEATH! BIG DEFF!!!!!!'
Agripinaa One of the Forge Worlds near the Eye of Terror; too bad Typhus turned one of their Agri-Worlds into his own little Daemon World. Has kept itself independent and Chaos-free since the fall of Cadia by "recruiting" refugees into its Skitarii legions and occasionally making them into servitors.
Angstrom Situated near Badab. Pledged loyalty to Ryza and doubles as an Explorator base and watchtower for the Maelstrom. When Lugft Huron's secession occurred they initially supplied both sides but ultimately fell in line with the Imperials and contributed the Legio Crucius to the invasion of the Badab System.
Anvilus Prime maker of the Land Raider before the Heresy, as well as the Dreadclaw during the Great Crusade. Described as the only serious rival to Mars for manufacturing output once Phaeton was bullied into splitting its assets. Taken over by Horus's forces during the Heresy and if the lore of the Storm Eagle is any indication, suffered catastrophic damage during the war.
Aphret A minor Forge World during the Great Crusade. Contributed frigates to the Imperium's fleets, notably the Grey Talon.
Arachnus A Forge World that seems to specialize quite heavily in big fucking lasers. They're the assholes that produce the "Heavy Laser Destroyers" that are sometimes mounted on Deredeo Dreadnoughts, as well as the ones used by Custodians.
Atar Median Founded by exiles from Phaeton. Home to the Legio Atarus (Firebrands).
Chaeroneia A minor Forge World that turned traitor and started using extreme amounts of biomechanical tech to the point where literally every building, computer, and engine on the planet was at least half-biological. An advanced AI was responsible for the world's fall, corrupting an Archmagos who subsequently converted the ruling class into a Chaos cult that worshipped the Chaos-corrupted AI as the Omnissiah.
Cyclothrathe Home to a particularly brutal sect in 30K, who followed Horus into rebellion. Used a House of enslaved and tortured Knights, and their warlord Draykavac became one of the most hated members of the nascent Dark Mechanicum.
Deimos One of the moons of Mars, a micro Forge World. Deimos is pretty much the size of an asteroid (and shaped like a potato); it made the old-school patterns of vehicles that we players refer to as "heresy era". After the Horus Heresy it was displaced and put into orbit around Titan to provide all the goodies to the Grey Knights instead, so it's now a moon of a moon. The functionaries of Deimos are mindwiped at both ends to prevent them knowing about daemons, but the moon still maintains three knightly houses with complementary skitarii ready to assist the Grey Knights should they need support. Apparently attending to one order of Knights wasn't enough; they need four to really be satiated.
Phobos In case you're wondering about the other moon: Phobos in 40k was covered in guns literally as Mars' last line of defence. In reality it is expected to slam into Mars at some point in the future (by 'future', we mean about 30 or 50 million years). But that's without having a shit ton of guns on it, and they can probably fly it somewhere like they did with Deimos, so who knows what its orbit is now. Interestingly, Phobos has a Monolith on it. Seriously.
Estaban III Had a feud with Ryza over the Thanatar-Class Robot. Home to the Legio Tempestus maniple which went heretic, and went with them. Eventually reclaimed by the Imperium.
Firestorm Homeworld of the Aurora Chapter located in the Ultima Segmentum, its manufacturing capacity can top that of several noted Forge Worlds combined.
Graia A Forge World made of space stations that orbit the planet Graia. Their Tech-Priests and Skitarii are so coldly logical and rational that even psykers struggle to breach their minds. The last known makers of the Rapier Laser Destroyer, and incur misfortune (like getting attacked by Orks in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and then eaten by the Tyranids) because GW hates the Rapier. Known for recently dealing with their frequent invasion problem by indulging in that most ancient of human tradition of taking ones ball and leaving, Graia no longer resides in its own home system. Poetically, Forge World loves Rapiers.
Gryphonne IV Got wrecked by the Tyranids, although some pretty cool artillery and Chimeras made from there still roll with the IG. Currently trying to find a place to rebuild as a nomadic Explorator fleet.
Incaladion A Forge World on the fringes of Imperial Space and constantly raided during the Age of Strife, it was home to the Legio Fureans ('Tiger Eyes').
Jupiter I know right? Bet you didn't know about this one. The Imperial Navy's foremost shipyard and drydock. It only makes ships. It is a hotly contested Imperial political debate as to whether Jupiter is sovereign to the Mechanicus or the Imperium. They went totally green though, the hippies.
Kai Once relatively close to Eye Of Terror. Due to an unfortunate flux, the Eye expanded and engulfed it. Managed to maintain an Imperial presence for a time, considering that their weapons didn't have to obey the laws of physics. Eventually, they had to barter their services (and guns) to various daemons and Chaos Legions inside the Eye in return for protection. Made the legendary Kai Guns during this time. Chaos being Chaos, the Machine Smiths of Kai got eradicated in the battle between daemons wanting their dakka fix. GW being GW, the hundreds of other strange and mystical weapons forged on Kai during its time in the Warp will never be elaborated upon.
Kaurava I A Forge World (continent-spanning Manufactorum, to be precise) which is capable of producing over 100 Baneblades at any given notice. The status of this world is unclear, although it was likely abandoned or destroyed during the Kaurava conflict of Dawn of war: Soulstorm. (Dawn of War III confirms that Gorgutz won the Kaurava Conflict)
The Lathes Actually a group of three Forge Worlds in one system, named Het, Hesh and Hadd individually. These planets all have an extremely odd orbit around their parent star, which somehow results in their native ores having unusual properties because of "gravity fluctuations" (the truth is probably way more heretical). Besides being the centre of production for the Calixis Sector, their most famous exports are Lathe-forged Blades, which use the aforementioned ore to basically be indestructible, able to stand up to even power blades.
Lliax 30K-era Forge World. Supplied Shadrak Meduson's warbands during the Heresy, but they seem to have been involved in subverting his command with the Cult of the Gorgon.
Lucius First colonized by Battletech players from the late Eighties. A hollowed out world that has replaced its core with an artificial sun. Though everyone knows that someday the sun will fail, the Tech-Priests of Lucius hold that death in pursuit of innovation is the greatest offering once can give to the Omnissiah. Maintains the ancient Legio Astorum, better known as the Warp Runners, and supplies the Death Korps of Krieg. They have exclusive patterns for some Titans which are cheaper to produce, but not as sweet looking as Mars patterns. Didn't get super-heavy tank STCs for a while, which is why they were one of the few major Forge Worlds that launched Macharius tank production when its STC get re-discovered, while most others frowned on it as a "poor man's Baneblade". Unlike most other Mechanicus, they favour white robes for both their priesthood and skitarii, probably because it's the colour of hot plasma. So yeah, those unusually white-robed Enginseers from the Ciaphas Cain novels are probably Lucians. Although they've since been retconned into wearing dark red, so maybe not.
Mars The big boss of the other Forge Worlds and the go-to guy for stock patterns of weapons. Home to the original three titan legions, the Triad Ferrum Morgulus: Legio Ignatum (Fire Wasps), Legio Mortis (Death's Heads), and Legio Tempestus (Stormlords). Has a giant shipyard called the Ring of Iron in orbit, which claims to be one of the largest human-made objects in existence.
Metalica Home to the Legio Metalica. Also known as Metalicus due to GW not wanting to get sued. They maintain the only known Imperial Titans capable of out-rocking the Gargants made by the Goff Rokkas. They also provide most of the Adeptus Mechanicus forces fighting on Armageddon at any given time, and are notable for going on Tyranid safaris. Following the Charadon Campaign, its techpriests been preoccupied with keeping the techno-virus that Typhus infected it with from corrupting the planet. So far they've been relatively successful, but the virus has yet to be eradicated.
Mezoa A Volcanic Forge World where no Titan can walk for fear of falling through the planet's crust. Was besieged during the Horus Heresy and the Gothic War.
Mordax The one that got taken over by the Orks. They named it Mordakka (Yes really...) and Blood Ravens-ed the titans on it. Despite the dubious canonicity of the old 13th Black Crusade materials, Geedubs hasn't forgotten about Mordakka, giving it a place on the Skitarii 7th Edition Codex and AdMech 8th Edition codex's galactic map. It's more than can be said for other worlds on this list...
Morvane Mentioned in the Adeptus Custodes codex, Morvane is a "lost" Forge World and the only lead the Custodes have to a possible fix for the Golden Throne.
M'Pandex Also called Z'pandex, Mappandax and Zaphadak. You may commence laughing. (The original joke may have been that, during the Rogue Trader days, the Imperium needed a Forge World dedicated just to making all of the 80's-style spandex it would chew through.)
Orestes Supplied the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, but got attacked by Chaos Titans. And won. Dan Abnett wrote a book about it. Presumably get overrun by Chaos with the rest of segmentum during the Night of Thousand Rebellions. It's apparently a Mechanicus-affiliated Knight World now. What the hell, GW?
Paramar Invaded and overrun several times during the Horus Heresy by both Loyalists and Traitors.
Phaeton Used to be where the standard Leman Russ, Chimera and Basilisk patterns came from, before GW changed the models to the Mars pattern. Home to the Legio Osedax (Cockatrices). It probably still is where the STCs were discovered, and Mars just "lifted" them for safe keeping.
Ryza Makes all the coolest plasma stuff because nobody else could keep their act together. Their Titan Legion is the awesomely named Legio Crucius (Warmongers). After fighting Orkz for so long their Skitarii have the most badass war cry among other Forgeworlds: "Red in Cog and Claw!"
Sarum Forge World closely aligned with the World Eaters. Home to the bound daemon Sa'ra'ram, the source of Obliterators. It's since become a full-on Hell Forge, with all the Warp weirdness that goes with that, fading in and out of reality across the Golgothan Wastes.
Stygies VIII Makes awesome guns and ammo, as well as the (apparently rare) Leman Russ Vanquisher. Cannot keep their act together, losing two whole Titan Legions to Chaos and having to get another legion transplanted in. Also it is a moon. Their tech priests constantly get into fights with Deathwatch killteams due to their intense interest in xenos technology.
Toil Got fucked over by Perturabo invoking Nurgle, causing the factories to become living Daemon Engines. Completely lifeless, with dying horribly to the Iron Warriors being its only notable purpose.
Tigrus Tigris Originally made/discovered the Vanquisher Cannon, the Fellblade Accelerator Cannon, and several other Great Crusade-Era Imperial ordinance pieces and ammunition. Like Anvillius, it got absolutely wrecked during the Heresy. Currently overrun by the Orks, specifically the Murda Meks of Tigris. Most players generally consider the Orkish takeover a good thing, seeing as this world now makes the Kill Tanks from IA8.
Tigrus Sits on the "dark" edge of the galaxy-wide fuck-off warp rift known as the Cicatrix Maledictum. Notably not overrun by Orks. Unlike the above world of Tigris, which is also conveniently in the Ultima Segmentum. Seriously guys, Tigrus just won a campaign against the Tau in M41! They totally aren't the same Forge World, and GW totally didn't forget about one of the most famous Ork-held worlds between 5th and 8th Edition when the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex came out, and the totally unrelated former Forge World Tigris totally isn't a misspelling existing only in IA8! Why are you all looking at me like that?
Tolkhan IA Vol. 1 gave us this gem. Oh Rogue Trader, how you haunt GW to this day. We love you so. Incidentally, it is home to the best named Titan Legion ever: Legio Pallidus Mor, the Pale Riders.
Triplex Phall A Forge World on the Eastern Fringe, nearly got shitcanned by attacks from Hive Fleet Kraken and the Death Guard. Used to produce lasrifles for the Solar Auxila and currently produces the M-Galaxy Pattern lasgun. Constantly pisses of Mars by hoarding archeotech while refusing to hand them over.
Urdesh A Chaos-tainted Forge World in the Sabbat Worlds Sector, and contested heavily during the Sabbat World's Crusade. It was a more general-purpose Forge World, in that it produced all sorts of munitions, from Lascarbines to Autocannons to APCs and much, much more. Its specialty, however, was a large number of tank designs, most notably the AT-70 Reaver and the AT-83 Brigand. While not quite as useful as Leman Russes, they were capable enough for the PDF in the sector. It remained under control of the Blood Pact army of Chaos until sometime towards the end of the Crusade. The Tanith First (And Only) face off against a lot of production from this world.
Vanaheim Known for producing its its own pattern of the Medusa and Basilisk with a unique gunshield as well as being the Forge World of origin for the Salamander and Centaur.
Voss Prime A prime example of Imperial fail, has no idea what to do with plasma. On the other hand, it made a Lasgun 2.0 called the Voss Pattern Lasrifle (it was awesome) and supplied the entire Solar Auxilia with it, down to a man. Who cares about plasma when you manufacture enough flashlights to light the whole Galaxy up? Still manages to maintain the goofily-named Legio Invigilata though. Also makes Vulture gunships and Lightning Strike Fighters. Supplies several patterns of ship with a distinctive eagle prow design (notably to the Armageddon fleets), though additional fail on Games' Workshop's part means that three of those were produced for all of two weeks before getting their moulds permanently shitcanned.
Xana II A neutral Forge World that tried to play both sides during the Heresy, only for the Loyalists to fuck their shit up. Taken over by a hardcore motherfucker named Anacharis "I Eat Primarchs For Dinner" Scoria and became the first of the Dark Mechanicum Hellforges. Now drifts through the warp, selling Hellblades, Hell Talons and Harbinger Bombers to Chaos Warbands.
Zhao-Arkhad Also spelled Arkkad, the Anarcho-Capitalist Forge World that decided it was best to buddy up with the Thousand Sons. Their mistake led to their Forge World being razed during the Heresy. It would be re-founded in M41, and the schematics for the Crassus and Praetor found there. Once home to the Legio Xestobiax (Iron Vigil), who used heretekal Psi-Control cores in their Titans. It is unknown if this made Xestobiax titans Psi-Titans or not.
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