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Behold, the man and his chair

"There is no such thing as a plea of innocence in my court, a plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time. Guilty."

– Actual quote from the man himself

Lord Inquisitor Fyodor Krazypantsoff Karamazov is one of the most well-known members of the Ordo Hereticus. This is not because of any good reasons, except for maybe that pimping-dreadnought-toilet-seat called the "Throne of Judgement".

The old man's infamous for his scorched-earth approach to things. If he sees any heresy, he blasts it from orbit with no regard to any collateral damage. If he needs a militia, he'll just requisition from whatever's available and send them to do the fighting...and then send orbital bombardments on their heads. IF asked about the collateral (most likely only if the one asking has equal or superior rank), all he reminds the questioner is that he got results and the innocents are now with the God-Emperor.

All in all, he's a posterboy for everything wrong with the Inquisition's methods.

His name is a reference to the character in "The Grand Inquisitor", a story-within-a-story in a Russian novel "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

That one time on Salem Proctor[edit]

A staunch Amalathian, Karamazov is bitterly opposed to the notion of change, believing that the Emperor's plan for His people must be left to unfold as He planned and without the arrogant intervention of those who believe that they understand His will. He is a harsh judge and brooks no pleas of innocence, once famously boasting that he has sent more witches and heretics to their deaths than Macharius.

Fyodor is hated by the Ecclesiarchy and the Thorian faction of inquisitors (a group of resurrectionist inquisitors that wants to transfer Emperor's soul to someone similar to Sebastian Thor), and for a good reason too. It all started on a planet called Salem Proctor; basically, the planet's cardinal was an asshole heretic and everyone rebelled. A preacher named Icarael led the main rebellion, and everyone was so moved by his faith and actions that the local Inquisitors planned to snatch him away from the mayhem, and some even thought he was a vessel of the Emperor's spirit... until Fyodor came.

Fyodor put Icarael on trial and tortured him for six month straight in a battle fortress without letting anyone in, not even other Inquisitors. This pissed everyone off, none more so than Ecclesiarch Decius XXIII, who petitioned the Masters of the Inquistion to have Fyodor arrested while other Inquisitors intended to beseige his fortress if the preacher wasn't released.

Unfortunately for them, by the time the Ecclesiarch's demands reached him Fyodor had already proclaimed Icarael a heretic and had executed him via incineration, so Fyodor sent them Icarael's charred corpse and moved on to his next job. The Ecclesiarchy were so fucking pissed that they were going to arrest and examine the damned walkie-potty bald man... until the taint of chaos was uncovered among those who followed Icarael's teachings (no indication of whether that was because of Icarael or just the typical infiltration that chaos cults do). Fyodor was publicly vindicated while both the Ecclesiarchy and the Thorians could only eat crow while glaring at him.

For those of you fans of the TTS fanshow, he is currently acting as the Emperor's new host body. True he has basically nothing in common with the Emperor, but he is so much of a grumpy violent nutjob that his wrinkly old soul was the most comfortable thing available.

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