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The symbol of Clan Gangrel in Masquerade.

The Gangrel (See: Furries) are a Clan of Vampires in the World of Darkness, appearing in both the original Vampire: The Masquerade and its spiritual successor, Vampire: The Requiem. Thematically, they embody the archetype of "The Vampire as the ultimate beast"; they are more feral and savage than over vampires, being ruled more by primordial instincts to hunt, stalk and kill than by logical thought. This gives them quite the issues with their temper.

Vampire: the Masquerade[edit]

The Gangrel are considered to be the most 'feral' of the Kindred clans, and for good reason. Basically imagine the people in high school who used to growl at you, and then make them a powerful blood-sucking predator. They have animalistic tendencies (running on all fours, howling, pissing on fire hydrants) and are all about territory. Given all this, they of course make for fantastic warriors, if you can convince them to work for you. Despite their strange habits, and seclusiveness, the majority of them are surprisingly adapt with modern technology such as computers, cell-phones, etc.

Their biggest weakness is due to their... 'abilities' can fall weakness to the Beast far, far easier than other Bloodlines. Which isn't all that surprisingly, given they're more or less a Vampire Wannabe-Werewolf. They also tend to keep pieces of the Beast after falling into Frenzy; for example, popular marketable character Beckett the wandering scholar, despite not doing that sort of thing much, has glowing, inhuman eyes from such an experience. These are called Beast Marks.

The Gangrel's *other* weakness, of course, is that they left the Camerilla. The reasons for this are... cloudy, but the main thrust is that they didn't like being told what to do, mostly in regards to killing people, particularly when Camarilla wouldn't help defending them when a crazy magic gizmo called Eye of Hazimel started destroying them. Being independent, however, is sort of a massive vulnerability and weakened them in just about every way.

The Clans of Vampire: The Masquerade
Camarilla Camarilla Bloodlines
Brujah.png Gangrel.png Malkavian.png Nosferatu.png Toreador.png Tremere.png Ventrue.png Daughters of Cacophony.png Gargoyles.png
Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue Daughters of
Sabbat Sabbat Bloodlines
Lasombra.png Tzimisce.png Ahrimanes.png Blood Brothers.png Harbingers of Skulls.png Kiasyd.png
Lasombra Tzimisce Ahrimanes Blood
of Skulls
Independent Clans Fallen Clans
Assamite.png DanavaEscutcheon.png Followers of Set.png Giovanni.png Ravnos.png Cappadocian.png Salubri.png
Assamite Danava Setites Giovanni Ravnos Cappadocian Salubri
Anda.png AzanealiHeraldry.webp Baali.png Children of Osiris.png Lamia.png Lhiannan.png Nagaraja.png Noiad.png Samedi.png True Brujah.png
Anda Azaneali Baali Children
of Osiris
Lamia Lhiannan Nagaraja Noiad Samedi True Brujah
Mixed Heritages
Antitribu.png Caitiff.png Panders.png
Antitribu Caitiff Panders
The Antediluvians
Absimiliard - Augustus Giovanni - Arikel - Cappadocius - Ennoia - Haqim - Ilyes
Lasombra - Malkav - Saulot - Set - Tremere - Tzimisce - Ventru - Zapathasura

Vampire: the Requiem[edit]

Requiem Gangrel are much different. Like the Ventrue and Nosferatu, they are no longer the highly organised clans of old, but now a more open-ended source for all beauty and feral type Vampires.

The Clans of Vampire: The Requiem
Requiem Daeva.png Requiem Gangrel.png Requiem Julii.png Requiem Mekhet.png Requiem Nosferatu.png Requiem Ventrue.png
Daeva Gangrel Julii Mekhet Nosferatu Ventrue