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These are reports on the warp-entity Geshtinanna by the Inquisition.

File I: The Interrogation of Cain Augustii[edit]

Inquisitorial records from the archives of [REDACTED]

The subject is one Captain Augustii of the commercial freighter [REDACTED]. Interview conducted by senior Inquisitor [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] - Tell me, captain... How did you survive the events aboard your ship? The [REDACTED], was it?

Augustii - We... We were just on a routine supply run when--Emperor protect me--when I saw it.

[REDACTED] - "It"?

Augustii - Aye... It. She. It was like She was in my head. My helmsman also claimed to have seen it. That was when things started to go bad. We picked up an emergency vox transmission from the planet below. It was... Disturbing, to say the least.

[REDACTED] - Yes, we have prior knowledge of this phenomenon... Please, continue.

Augustii - I ordered the helmsman to lay in a course away from the planet immediately. By a fluke, I guess, we managed to slip by the Imperial Naval ships stationed in orbit. I wish we didn't slip by at all. It would have been better.

[REDACTED] - Yes, it would have. You have paid for your cowardice, as all cowards do.

++Heaving sobs, presumably from the subject++

Augustii - Holy Terra... It--It didn't take long before one of the weaker crewmans' mind broke. We never knew, couldn't have known, before we entered the Warp. Blessed Throne, all we wanted was to get away.

++More sobs, unintelligible exchange between Inquisitor [REDACTED] and the subject rallies him.++

Augustii - The heretic started screaming that all was lost and the Emperor was--was...

++Another pause.++

Augustii - He said that our God-Emperor was dead. I executed him immediately, but not quickly enough. He had already sabotaged the Geller field generator. They were everywhere. I gathered what men I still had, and we managed to hold them off long enough for the cog-boy to fix the shields. They were saying something, over and over again, repeating it like a chant... A name. "Geshtinanna." When we re-entered realspace, we were right back at [REDACTED] and were picked up by the Imperial Navy.

[REDACTED] - Thank you, captain Augustii. You have been most informative in this matter. And do not fear; the Emperor's Holy Inquisition has found you to be free of the taint of Chaos.

Augustii - Y--you have? I mean... Thank you, my lord! Thank the Emperor! Thank the Inqui--

++A door opening is heard.++

Augustii - What?! I don't understand! You said--

[REDACTED] - I said you were free from the taint of Chaos, and you are. You are merely a coward, and for that will be provided the mercy of a quick death.

++A gunshot is heard, bolt pistol, Godwyn pattern.++


File II:Interrogation, Unidentified PDF Soldier[edit]

Inquisitorial records from the archives of [REDACTED]. Subject is a surviving member of the 81st PDF Infantry Regiment of [REDACTED], which was sent in to contain what was initially believed to be a routine disturbance in the underhive. The subject's mind has been broken, and radically shifts between complete and utter horror at what he has done, and absolute, remorseless worship of the thing known as [REDACTED]. Interrogation conducted by senior Inquisitor [REDACTED] on [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] - I assume you know why you are here?

++Muffled sounds, possibly whimpering.++

[SUBJECT] - Ye--yes...I've seen something that should not be seen, should not exist... SILENCE!

[REDACTED] - Go on...

++More whimpering, the shuffle of chained feet.++

[SUBJECT] - Well... My regiment was holding a cordon around Hive Spire Tertius of [REDACTED]. There were reports of--GLORIOUS, UNLIMITED POWER.

++Here a voice (presumably the subject) yelps in pain, groaning as stimuli is implemented to maintain its focus.++

[SUBJECT] - No, no God-Emperor, please! Make it stop! I'm sorry, I'm sorry--NO I AM NOT. BOW BEFORE THE LADY, WORM!

[REDACTED] - Your "Lady" is not here. If you presume that I will be cowed by a mere warpshadow of... "It," then you are gravely mistaken.


++Silence, heavy breathing.++

[SUBJECT] - I--I think I can hold it off... Emperor's Light! What has happened to me?! Emperor preserve and protect my soul...

[REDACTED] - Sadly, the time has passed for such pleas. No. You will not be saved, not be granted the mercy of death. You will live on. For study.

++Uncontrolled sobbing, footsteps. The slamming of a heavy door.++


File III:Interrogation, Unidentified Male[edit]


















[INTERROGATOR] “Alright ‘Inquisitor.’ Let’s try this again.”

++The sound of a metal chair scraping against the floor is heard, presumably the interrogator drawing up to the cell’s table.++

[SUBJECT] “I’ve told you everything there is to tell. You are now standing directly in the path of an [Redacted] and knowingly obstructi--”

[INTERROGATOR] “Don’t you get tired of this? I do. I get tired of listening to you pretend you’re someone you’re not, someone you cannot possibly be. I get tired of you telling me that I stand in the way of justice, when in reality, whatever delusions you have of being some kind of instrument of the Emperor’s will are merely the demented ravings of a broken madman.”

++A moment of silence, broken by an audible sigh. The sigh sounds wet, as if rattling its way out of a ruined throat.++

[SUBJECT] “Madman? Oh yes. Yes, I am mad. One cannot hear the things I have, lay eyes on the nightmares of unreality as I have, and retain their sanity. But I am sound in this: if you do not release me, if I am not able to complete my task, everything, EVERYTHING is lost.”

[INTERROGATOR] “Your overestimation of your own importance is staggering. The Imperium of Man can and has stood fast against the most nightmarish things imaginable for tens of thousands of years without you. Even if you are who you say you are.”

[SUBJECT] “[Redacted] of the [Redacted]—NNGAAHHHHH.”

++Audio distorts momentarily, presumably because of a power surge caused by the use of pain stimuli.++

[INTERROGATOR] “Yes, yes, we know! And I’ll even admit that the way you strode in here without so much as tripping an alarm was rather impressive. But you should have chosen your cover more wisely. The [Redacted] is dead. Has been for years.”

++Hoarse, rasping laughter.++

[SUBJECT] “Dead? No. Were it so easy for me. My task is unfinished, and the Imperium hangs by a thread while we trade witticisms in a four by four cell. Tell me, interrogator: how will the Emperor look upon you when you see Him again, knowing that you obstinately stood in the way of His will incarnate?”

++Another sigh. The shuffling of papers. A chair scrapes backward.++

[INTERROGATOR] “I think we’ve come as far as we’re going to today. Take him back to the holding cell. We begin fresh tomorrow.”

[SUBJECT] (inaudible, track sharpened and enhanced, interpretation only) “I will not be here tomorrow. And neither will you.”


File IV:Powers of Geshtinanna[edit]




Known by the Most Holy Inquisition

In a number cases, we have been able to analyze the aftermath of the appearance of Geshtinanna. Together with thorough interrogation with heretics and traitors we have been able to compile a list of KNOWN powers that if one must take heed of, if an Inquisitor tries to corner it, or its spawn and cohorts.

Anti-gravity, Minoris: A number of incidents we have been able to deduct that the Subject have control of gravity. Evidence that supports it are the pools of dried blood and pools of liquefied metal on ceilings. Also, disturbances in the materium have been studied when objects have remained in the air for a time afterwards. Such powers points to the ability to shift the reality in a dangerously and lasting degree.

Temperature-control, Majoris: Careful and shielded studies of vox recordings points towards that the Subject have severe control over the local temperature. Numerous incidents points towards that solid blastdoors have been frozen to such degree that they shattered under their own weight. Take CAUTION when approaching aftermath areas, as the structural safety may be damaged and may collapse as objects thaw.

Liquefying metal, Minoris: As earlier noted, the Subject has control over metal to the degree that metal may turn into a liquified state without the need of heating it to the melting point. This may present major structural dangers.

Psyko-related powers, Extremis: Evidence points towards that the main danger that this daemon present is in the psykic area. Manipulation, telepathy, psykopyrogenesis, psykokinetik and many more psykik related powers. Take EXTREME CARE AND CAUTION. Have prepared null fields, or blanks if possible if attempts will be made to corner the Subject or its cohorts, especially Tammuz Israel.

Control of Immaterium, Majoris: It is deducted that the Subject must have Majoris control of the Immaterium, as followers, especially Tammuz Israel have been reported on multiple worlds within a small frame of time. Also, the initial appearance do point that the Subject have considerable power and control. As the gibbering of the Subjects name from warpspawn was reported in numerous cases, especially in the interrogation of Cain Augustii.

In conclusion, if attempts are made to control or banish the Subject or destroy the cohorts, especially Tammuz Israel EXTREME CAUTION and PREPARATIONS must be taken. Naval ships with pre-aimed batteries of heavy calibre is a proper failsafe. If nothing else, the death from naval batteries are a more pleasant death than the death at the hands of the Subject.