Gideon Ravenor

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One of the few prominent Alienhunters we've actually seen, Inquisitor Ravenor of the Ordos Xenos is a motherfucking badass who got strapped to a force chair after some Chaos punk burnt the shit out of him on Thracian Primaris. He's also a paranoid ass who gets suspicious of an innocent (if psychic) boy just because his name sounds somewhat similar to Slyte, the daemon who possessed his drug addict interrogator.

He began his service as an Interrogator under Gregor Eisenhorn, but got promoted to Inquisitor and was fairly normal until his burninating. After that, his psychic abilities increased to compensate for his failing body, because that's what happens to cripples in Sci-Fi bullshit.

He's basically Professor X in Space, and his retinue consist of the basic fanservice, fuck-ups, and Fett-clones that you'd expect from an X-Men knock off (especially that shitty phase in the 90s when they forgot they were a Civil Rights allegory and fought aliens and space wizards):

  • The previously mentioned interrogator and sidekick, Carl Thonius, possessed and eventually destroyed by Slyte. SPOILER ALERT He didn't do shit anyway, and acted like a hacker in a universe of sword-and-pistol combat. Barring that thing involving the glue, the grenade, and the dreadnought.
  • Wystan Frauka - a porno-reading pothead pariah and psychic blank (untouchable). He also fat and horrible, and used to scare the shit out of Eldar witches.
  • Kara Swole - a voluptuous acrobat(even though "voluptuous" bodies aren't really good for acrobatics. This is, however, pointed out more than once) who fucks an old Imperial Guard doctor
  • Patience Kys - a telekinetic chick who wants to fuck Ravenor even though he's a gross burn victim in a coffin. It helps that he rescued her from a corrupt orphanage when she was a child - no wait, that just means she wants to fuck an old gross burn victim in a coffin that's also a FATHER FIGURE.
    • To recap, she's a sexy, cold-shouldered girl with daddy issues. Too bad the male members of the team were busy dying, screwing other girls, getting into a coma, or being asexual early in the series, because she was clearly a time bomb ready to explode into wild, ballbusting sex at any moment if things hadn't started getting strained.
  • Harlon Nayl - an old bounty hunter with shit ton of equipment (over 100 points! OH NOES) who fucks a girl that looks like Inquisitor Boxy's dead ex-girlfriend.
  • Zeph Mathurian- another ex-bounty hunter, the Silent Bob to Harlon's Jay, with a rotator cannon mounted on his forearms. He was killed by a daemon and then Zeph was a zombie
  • Zael Efferneti - That boy above, also addicted to drugs and a fine line of Italian sports cars. He is a 'mirror,' able to hear telepathy but not use it himself, and can copy and spam the psychic powers of those around him. Like a fucking X-Man. That little twat later became a fucking Grey Knight with some help from inquisitor Lilith, and destroyed Angron's Black Blade during the First War for Armageddon.
  • Maud Plyton, an ex-Magistrum marshall, a hardass with adorable little facial features.
  • Patrik Belknap - ex-Guard medic, now back alley doctor. Loves the Emprah. Saves Kara's life via surgery and then gets to fuck her.
  • Cynia Preest - she the captain of the Hinterlight rogue trader vessel used by Ravenor. She's the captain! YEAH!
  • Sholto Unwerth, another captain of another ship, the Arethusa. HOLY SHIT HE'S A SQUAT I LOVE YOU DAN ABNETT INPREGNATE ME

Already a powerful telepath (he has been described as "between high-level delta and low-level gamma" and an "Alpha plus psyker" at different times), Inquisitor Boxy-Burny makes his followers wear wraithbone pendants so he can possess their bodies in a process called "waring" that makes his host sick and dizzy, but Ravenor at the helm can do ridiculous Matrix bullshit.

He fights the Eldar, allies with the Eldar, and fights the Eldar. It's a weird, twisted love affair.