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"Without destruction, there is no creation."

– Oda Nobunaga

This article is about the Age of Sigmar deity. For the game, see Gorkamorka

Gorkamorka is the supreme deity of the Grand Alliance: Destruction. He has two heads, Gork and Mork, and he splits into these two halves to fight himself whenever the forces of Destruction aren't united. Which is pretty much always. Much in a similar way to 40k’s Big E, Gorkamorka is worshiped/depicted in a variety of different facets and interpretations, each of his worshippers having their own ideas regarding what he does, how his power manifests, and (naturally) who his favored followers are.

Gorkamorka is very much the Chaotic Neutral of the AoS gods. He values unrestricted freedom and fighting above all else, and though he can be reasoned with on occasion, it won’t be too long before he starts to chafe under the rules of other gods and breaks out on his own again.


The earliest known record of Gorkamorka was when Sigmar and Dracothion first found him trapped within a living avalanche in Ghur. The two headed god had tried to destroy the Godbeast Drakatoa, a sentient blob of amber that consumed entire cities in its wake. It was stuck inside this Jurassic Park reference that the God of Order found him. Upon being released, Gorkamorka was equally pleased to be free and pissed off that he needed someone else to save him, causing him to knock out Dracothion with one punch and attack Sigmar. The duel between him and Sigmar lasted for twelve days, until both sides grew tired, looked over the devastation of their battle and laughed. Realising he had finally met someone who wasn't just a good fight but loved battle just as much as him, Gorkamorka quickly befriended Sigmar and joined his pantheon. Thus, while Sigmar worked on creating civilisation, Gorkamorka would hunt the colossal Godbeasts of the realms and keep the Orruks, Grots, Ogors, and Gargants from causing too much trouble.

Gorkamorka's greatest ally was the Godbeast Behemat, who was his loyal champion mainly due to Gorkamorka being the only being even bigger than him. As Tzeentch whispered to Gorkamorka in order to convince him he was Sigmar's pawn, Gorkamorka grew envious of his subordinate's relative freedom, and took out his frustrations by challenging Behemat to match his feats. Behemat actually managed to succeed at all of these challenges (albeit sometimes by accident) until he was asked to re-enact Gorkamorka's duel with Sigmar, which resulted in Behemat being knocked unconscious for a few millennia.

Due to Tzeentch’s manipulations and his own fickle nature, Gorkamorka grew frustrated by the order that Sigmar imposed, and declared the Great Waaagh!, where he and his followers rampaged across the Mortal Realms until they reached its end (how this would work given that the Mortal Realms are separate planes which each have their own edge isn't explained), upon which he turned around to do it all over again. The Waaagh! only stopped when it fell into infighting, causing Gorkamorka to divide back into Gork and Mork.

During the Age of Chaos, Gorkamorka fought alongside Sigmar once more in the Battle of Burning Skies in Aqshy. This is the last anybody has ever seen of him.

During the Realmgate Wars, Sigmar sent a group of Stormcast Eternals to search for him in hopes of rekindling the former alliance, but they found no sign. However, Gordrakk, perhaps the closest being there is to a mortal avatar of Gorkamorka, has made it very clear that he has no intent on rejoining the Pantheon of Order. Although he has made no physical appearance so far, Gorkamorka still directs the forces of Destruction through visions he grants to their shamans.


Each race of Destruction (and their various subcultures) has their own separate interpretation of Gorkamorka, and most of them have their own priesthood with their own ways of communing with him.

  • The closest thing the Ironjawz have to priests are the Warchanters, mystical pseudo-musicians who are said to constantly hear the twin heartbeats of Gork and Mork. They prefer the Gorky way of doing things.
  • The Bonesplitterz believe his spirit can be found in all great beasts, and can be harnessed through slaying them and taking their bones. Their Wurrgog Prophets are believed to be his mortal messengers even by other Orruk clans, though seeing as they are quite insane most of them don't have anything useful to say.
  • The Kruleboyz stick to the Morky side of things, being the sneaky gits they are. Recently they've started worshipping Kragnos alongside him.
  • The Moonclan Grots worship him through the Bad Moon, a grotesque planetoid that travels through the realms spreading darkness and madness wherever it goes. In addition, their Fungoid Cave-Shamans are believed to be able to communicate with Mork through ingesting copious amounts of mushrooms, causing them to be respected by all his worshippers and act as the closest thing Destruction has to grand strategists.
  • The Spiderfang Grots worship the Spider-God, who they claim was an ordinary spider that gained Gorkamorka's power when it bit him on the toe. They also revere the Bad Moon, albeit they believe its the Spider God's eggsack that will one day hatch to release hordes of spiders all across the realms. Their priesthood are the Webspinner Shamans, who commune with the Arachnarok Spiders they believe to be the Spider-God's mortal avatars.
  • The Gitmob Grots are said to see his face in the blazing light of Hysh. Although being an effectively discontinued faction means their religion is not really elaborated on, its quite likely they worship him as the Evil Sun.
  • The Gutbusters worship him as the Gulping God. According to their myths, their race was created from Gorkamorka's saliva, and so they believe that their purpose is to be his instrument to consume the realms. Their priesthood are the Butchers and Slaughtermasters, who interpret his will through gory rituals involving entrails.
  • The Beastclaw Raiders worship him as the Hungering Predator, a god of winter and the hunt. Their priesthood are the Huskard Torrs, mysterious figures believed to have their souls frozen by the Everwinter. As part of their beliefs, the BCR will leave their dead brothers (and the occasional hogtied prisoner) behind to be consumed by the Everwinter as an offering.
  • The Firebellies worship him as the Sun-Eater, who ate the Red Sun of Ghur and from it gained the power to breathe fire, creating the Realm of Aqshy in the process.
  • Gargants don’t really have priests, and most are barely even literate enough to understand religious beliefs at all. The Sons of Behemat however, maintain that Gorkamorka is the Godstompa, a titanic sized stomping foot, with their forebearer Behemat serving as his chosen champion. When he’s split into Gorkfoot and Morkfoot, the Gargants will say one is “stompy yet kicky”, while the other is “kicky yet stompy”.
  • It is not just the races of Destruction that worship Gorkamorka. Jordaeus of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost notes how that there are numerous “war-cults” devoted to the green god in the Cities of Sigmar. Even the Spider-God, known to others as the “Scuttling Queen” among the more unsavory parts of the cities (meaning mostly dark aelves).
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