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Biggest, baddest and evilest Beastman Beastlord of all time. Bar none.

"Horn and hoof, power is there. Not feeble smoothskin, clumsy Greenskin, wicked elf-swine. Gor is strong. Gor is true. Gor shall kill all, slay all for the gods!"

– The (Beast)man himself

"I fear no man, but that thing... it scares me."

– The Heavy, Team Fortress 2: "Meet the Pyro"

Gorthor the Beastlord (aka Gorthor the Cruel, which was also his name in the Dark Tongue) was a Beastlord from amongst the Beastmen and effectively fills the role of Gorbad Ironclaw or Grom the Paunch for his race, i.e. the ancient paragon of destruction that everyone's trying to copy. Combining the body of a hulking bruiser with the mind of a cunning genius, Gorthor was responsible for leading a massive rampage across The Empire before his death during the Siege of Hergig in a mutual kill duel against Mikael Ludendorf, the then-Elector Count of Hochland. By then the damage had been done, however, as Gorthor's massive war effor almost completely depopulated the Imperial provinces of Ostland and Hochland before he was finaly stopped, and some parts of them remain unsalvaged because no-one has the stomach to go and reclaim them.

There were two things that made Gorthor distinct from other Beastlords: one, he was favoured by the Chaos Gods themselves and often received apocalyptic visions of Beastmen trampling the world of man completely into the dust from them; and two, he freely violated the few rules Beastmen have (like don't put your hands on a Bray-Shaman, ever, which he did repeatedly to those who spoke against him and had their skins woven into a hypnotic cloak because he was convinced he had the clout with the Gods to pull that shit off) and convinced everyone to go along with it. It can't be emphasised enough that he was a figurative and literal monster even among the race that only exists to be both. Very few Beastlords in subsequent decades have come close to either his murderous prowess, his sheer size or the bodycount left in his wake.

The (Beast)Man, the Legend

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On the Tabletop

Gorthor is a mounted Lord who's always on a chariot, similar to Grom that way.

  • Impaler: Gorthor's monstrous spear, with brutal barbs placed on iron rings along its entire length. Crunch-wise it's a normal mounted spear with the Killing Blow rule.
  • Skull of Mugrar: The skull of the lord among Minotaurs, fastened to his chariot. Allows him to roll an extra dice for Impact Hits and use the highest result.
  • Cloak of the Beastlord: His Bray-Shaman skin cloak. It increases the range of his Inspiring Presence from 12" to 18" if he's the general.