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Hoeth's rune.

Hoeth, Lord of Wisdom was the Elf god of progress, curiosity, and paperwork. Most of the knowledge known by the good races (reading, writing, gravity, how to sail, and so forth) was granted by Hoeth directly because that's a good thing and he's a nice guy. Asuryan, god of among other things tradition and the right to rule because nobody has ever questioned why he's allowed to rule, torched Hoeth's entire personal library as revenge for it. But since Hoeth had invented magic computers by this point he gave no fucks. Although, this isn’t evidence of anything but Asuryan being an arsonist and wanted to keep his political power, which is not unique to any form of ideology but simple pride and greed.

Wizards and scientists presumably have a great deal of respect for him, and the capital of Saphery as well as the giant fucking tower there (which is the location of the center of magical internet and magical television) is named after him.

The High Elves are all crazy over him and he is one of their major gods. The wood elves are not shown to honour him but since he is a god of knowledge and wisdom it is entirely plausible some do. The Dark Elves hate all the Cadai gods so therefore they must hate knowledge and learning too....suck it up you fools, you are the ones that made that rule in the first place.

The High Elves train swordmasters in the tower that bears his name, creating the Swordmasters of Hoeth unit. As one of the most iconic units in the High Elven forces, Hoeth has become somewhat synonymous with these elite greatsword-wielders.

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