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Greetings, illuminate, to Hysh. Land of reflection, light and wisdom. Hysh is the mortal realm of light and is conjointedly ruled by the twin gods Tyrion and Teclis. It also doubles as the mortal realms' sun. The Lumineth Realm Lords come from here.


The Ten Paradises of Hysh are lands of illumination, symmetry and reason; and their inhabitants driven to the highest heights of their paths through meditation, asceticism and self-improvement almost to the point of obsession. It also helped that Hysh's realmstone, Aetherqwartz is mortal-made and enhances the mental and physical properties of the user to great heights.

Between the Aetherqwartz and the guidance of both Tyrion and Teclis, civilization in Hysh became incredibly focused in self-improvement, reason and order; each individual willing to great lengths to become more than they were. All that was all well and dandy, but it bit them hard in the arse when those assholes came knocking...

The Nine Realms of the Age of Sigmar
Ghur Chamon
Aqshy Realm of Chaos Ghyran
Shyish Azyr