Indigan Praefects

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Tyranids? Target Practice.

"Not many can say they've faced down a Genestealer. Most that have get killed by a different one seconds later. But I can. I've done it more than once. There's something worse about these ones though, the ones that look part-human. They hate you almost as much as you hate them. It's not just animal instinct. You can see it in their eyes, even as they’re bleeding out with your bayonet in their throat, their claws still reaching out to slash you up. I pray to the Emperor that I get to kill more. Only extinction's good enough for them."

– Veteran Guardsman Garadux, Indigan Praefects 47th "Lictor Killers," Defence of the Volushun Shipyard

The Indigan Praefects is an Imperial Guard Regiment that specialises in combating large xenos beasts, normally taking the form of Tyranids.

Created when the Planetary Governor of Indiga, Constantine Principa Argoy, spent the planets wealth on breeding every dangerous creature from the surrounding Segmentum.

Then a earthquake cracked open the zoo and the highly dangerous megafauna escaped into the wild to breed, hybridise and feed on the local population, the PDF adapted to become very good at what they do... to hunt down and kill any and all of the dangerous megafauna with an extreme and immense abhorrence.

And thus the Indigan Praefects was created.

"Indiga" could be a reference to "India", known for its megadiverse flora and fauna, including dangerous predators such as Tigers, Leopards and Crocodiles.

Notable Regiments[edit]

  • Indigan 47th Regiment, "Lictor Killers" - The Indigan 47th has become so skilled at slaying the Tyranid monstrosities known as Lictors that it has taken the nickname "Lictor Killers" for its own SAXTON HALE!!!
  • Indigan 13th Regiment, "Bug Zappers" - The Indigan 13th was involved in the fighting on the Shield World of Cryptus bravely fighting alongside Battle-Brothers of the Blood Angels, surviving elements likely fought at the Battle of Baal, suspected to have been wiped out in combat.


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