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*Cue Mario Cart music*.

In a complete first for the Primaris Marines and the wider Adeptus Astartes as a whole. The power-armored wonders finally got a wheeled vehicle that is not a motorcycle and even more, they actually finally got a light assault vehicle that does not resemble a tank in any least until you realise it's just a Primaris Attack Bike. Seriously, look at it.

The Invader All-Terrain Vehicle or shortened as either the Invader ATV or simply as the Invader, is a light scout vehicle that can be armed with either an Onslaught Gatling Cannon or a Multi-Melta with a twin-linked Bolter on the driver's front, to quickly lay down some serious supporting firepower. Resembling more like a Mario Go-cart, the Invader is what happens when you want the same speed and agility of a Bike Squad, but with far heavier weaponry at the same time.

Immediately upon being released on the unsuspecting world, this wonderfully dopey thing spawned a metric fuckton of memes and skub. While the 'ATV' space marine bike conversion is not unknown the Invader is. . . not a good take on the concept. Even fans of the Primaris sets find it difficult to like. Still, it does have its boons, its... No, it's really pretty damn bad.


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