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"It's like raaaaaiiinnnn on your wedding day..."

– Alanis Morissette. Though, ironically, that's not ironic. It just sucks.

AKA "I feel the need to have 'Irony' be a bluelink so I can pothole 'Irony', but can't think of anything for it to be a redirect to".

When something is intended one way but comes out the opposite way.

Some common possible cases of irony from /tg/:

  • People think of D&D, which was originally a individual units wargame, as the pinnacle of role-playing games.
  • /tg/ loves Monstergirls, but hates sexualized Furries.
  • Hanafuda cards were specifically designed to prevent their use in gambling (no visible numbers, suits are somewhat hard to quickly read, etc.) and are now almost exclusively used by gamblers.
  • Darth Plagueis the wise was able to save others from death, but not himself.
  • Warhammer 40k started out as parody and satire, but now a lot of people take it completely seriously. On top of that, it veritably drips with irony in many of its factions:
    • The God-Emperor of the Imperium from WH40k was an ultra-militant atheist, but is now worshipped as the God.
      • Double irony points: In being such a militant atheist, he threw away the most useful tool against Chaos (as it turns out, having a religion keeps the Chaos Gods away by redirecting that emotional energy into less pure forms, and eventually creates weapons or entities that can beat them), which is what ultimately ended up getting him worshiped as a God.
    • Horus rebelled after being shown a vision of modern-day 40k to try and stop it becoming reality, only for his actions to cause the vision to come true.
    • Magnus the Red was obsessed with knowledge and progress, yet inadvertently doomed the Imperium to 10,000 years of stagnation trying to save it.
    • The Iron Hands embrace cybernetics as the solution to all life's problems, yet their founder intended to have them embrace the strengths of flesh.
    • Daemon Princes become free from the constraints of mortality and gain unimaginable power upon ascending, but are effectively slaves to their Chaos God of choice, constrained by their patron's will.
    • The Avatar of Khaine was once possessed by a Keeper of Secrets - one of his archenemy's Greater Daemons.
    • The catastrophic fuckup of the Octarius War resulted from the Imperium trying not to fight for once.
    • The Black Templars hate (most) Psykers despite the Emperor being one, worship him as a god despite their founder being booted from the Fists for entertaining the notion, and act like crusaders in an Imperium concerned with defence.
    • The Salamanders are renowned as one of the kindest and most compassionate chapters, yet they specialise in one of the most horrific and painful forms of weaponry.
    • Amalathian Inquisitors want to overcome the factionalism of the Imperium, but they are a faction in themselves. Unlike most cases, they actually acknowledge the irony here.
    • Xanthian Inquisitors use Chaos artefacts to fight the forces of Chaos, but consider Phaenonites (Xanthians who use warp-fuelled tech) to be utterly raving mad.
  • The song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette is in a surprisingly quantum state; that is, it's in a superposition of both being and not being actually ironic.
  • The following statement:

Of course, whether any of the above actually is ironic or not is left up to the reader to decide.