Jackal Alphus

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Their leadership structure is as weird as an Assault Marine put in command of a Scout Squad.

Leaders of the Toyota-loving Atalan-loving Genestealer cultists. Jackal Alphus are born with a peculiarly sharp eyesight which makes them indispensable for the Genestealer Cult's fighting force. Seeing as how they are the only unit capable of hitting anything more than a mile away, this makes sense on why they are so dang important. Genestealers just have shitty eyesight.


Jackal Alphus are a type of Genestealer Hybrid sniper that ride rapid-assault dirtcycles to battle, leading groups of Atalan Jackals. As such, a Jackal Alphus is far from just the leader of a cult’s Jackal packs – they can coordinate targeted strikes on priority threats and even take matters into their own hands with well-placed shots from their high-powered sniper rifle.

In retrospective hindsight, it is kind of strange that the leader of a fast attack unit that specializes in close-range assaults and hit-and-run tactics would rely on long-range sniper fire. How he is meant to lead such a contradictory formation effectively is up in the air. Seriously it would be much cooler if GW gave him a powerful close-range weapon or at the very least, separate him from his bike and turn him into a specialist Genestealer sniper. Once again the Hive Mind proves its intelligence.

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