Karacnos Assault Tank

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Screw you hordes! in the form of a tank.
Its like a byproduct of a Manticore making sweet love with a Land Raider.

The Karacnos Assault Tank is a variant of the Triaros Armoured Conveyer common within the Mechanicum Taghmata of the Mechanicus. This beast is the lovechild of a Manticore Launcher making sweet love with a Land Raider on top the shining lights of Paris. Essentially, this thing is a unholy godsend to the Mechanicus forces in dire need of artillery. The Karacnos is a dedicated assault tank meaning that this is the AdMech's equivalent of a Deimos Pattern Annihilator Predator to the Triaros' Rhino Transport. Its armored chassis and copious transport compartment has been converted to the mounting and munitions store of a single heavy weapon system; a mortar battery of Karacnos radiological warheads, designed to sweep an area clear of organic life for later acquisition by the forces of the Machine God.

The warheads are themselves somewhat volatile and the launcher battery protected by armored shutters when not in firing mode, and the vehicle itself is heavily protected by armor plate, radiological barriers and a thermogalvanic flare shield.

An additional armament of entirely self-contained and self-targeting lightning-blaster weaponry, coupled with its insane armor protection, and the infamous shock ram of its smaller cousin transforms the Karacnos from a mobile artillery platform to a true assault tank, able to close with the enemy battle lines and weather shock assault conditions to deliver long ranged fire support for murderbots and killer cyborgs.

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