Kroot Armour

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Fig 1. An armoured turkey.

Essentially the Studded Armour of the Tau. The Kroots don't really utilize a lot of the tech gizmos that the blueberries prance around in. Instead, they usually stick with their own tech for added convenience, which includes their armour.


Kroot Armour is the plating worn by Kroot in the battlefield. Little more than scraps of metal converted into armoured plating, Kroot armour offers some protection while still enabling the aliens to utilize their considerable fieldcraft and to easily pick their way through forest and cover.

Therefore, it should be important to realize that Kroot Armour is meant to be able to complement in either guerilla or jungle environments. Big, bulky armour is gonna get in the way in the dense foliage. So whatever defensive properties are largely traded in place for a lighter and more flexible armour piece.

Therefore, Kroot Armour actually bears less defence than Flak Armour and is more on par with Ork Studded Armour. If you wanna know why Kroots are made of paper on tabletop, now you know. At the very least, they do their job well.

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