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Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus is a member of the Ordo Xenos who was introduced in the final chapter of the Psychic Awakening event. Her particular focus is on the threat posed by the Necrons and as such she is willing to go to any length to find out the secret behind them. While her methods (including several contacts among the Eldar and wielding xenotech) are enough to label her as a radical (i.e. heretic), her results have proven far too effective to declare her a full renegade.

Her model.


Draxus is a rather dangerous hero to add in your forces. Despite having a 2+ WS, her only melee weapon is a power fist, meaning that she will hit with it as well as most others would hit with a power sword, on top of paralysis grenades that force one model within 1" to attack last (or makes any models that must attack first lose that perk). She also has Dirgesinger, a converted shuriken catapult. Draxus is also a psyker who possesses a particular benefit in the form of her pet familiar Shang: whenever she casts smite, she can target any unit she wishes within 18", rather than only the closest.

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