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Loec, the dancer of the shadows, is the elven god of dance, tricks and feasts in Warhammer fantasy. He is one of the foremost gods to the Wood Elves, is worshipped and acknowledged by the High Elves and ignored and hated by the Dark Elves.

Shown as a wild and unpredictable being, he uses tricks to free the souls of elves from evil gods or the gods of chaos. He should not be mistaken for a good being though....he has a dark side and although he fights for elfkind you cannot say for certain if he is good or even neutral.

The wardancers are his worshippers amongst the Wood Elves and are as unpredictable as he is, often appearing and disappearing as they please. They can be friendly or dangerous at the drop of a hat and only a fool dares to offend them.

Loec and Cegorach seem to be the different versions of each other for Fantasy and 40,000 for there is much overlap in what they do. Why they have different names and identities in each realm is uncertain but perhaps that is just the trickster god up to his old tricks again...unlike Cegorach however, Loec died without getting his own faction (or even a mention) in The End Times.

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