Lord Commissar Aveline

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Commissar Aveline aka Lord Commissar Aveline is a female Renegade Commissar. She is usually seen wielding a Relic PowerSword and a laspistol or a boltgun, always wearing a respirator due to lung damage she got at Scelus when she went renegate in order to evacuate local feral tribesmen.

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Aveline was a commissar at the Cadian 331st Regiment.She went renegade when she saw the mistake the imperium was about to make at Scelus planet. Aveline successfully evacuated a number of feral tribesmen and saved them from the genocide and the doom that was brought upon Scelus. Aveline gathered her troops explaining what the imperium was doing and convinced them to fight the Cadian troops that were unwilling to save the native tribesmen. Aveline was in debt of gratittude to the Company Captain Kathal of the Sons of Malice even before they turned renegade.

When she was young Aveline was saved, when she was attacked by a chaos daemon (that had possessed the town's priest who was actually the leader and psyker of a heretic cult) by Kathal himself and the "Sons of malice", that came to her planet in order to stop the cult and it's great schemes of summoning a greater daemon. Aveline grew up, with her mind to pay her debt and found a great opportunity to evacuate the natives as a thanks to Kathal. Aveline Managed to leave Scelus with her men and the native survivors and meet the remaining "Sons of Malice". She is currently worshipping the Chaos God of Malice but she still keeps an imperial cross with her to remind her of her origins and to have a reason to fight the Chaos and the Imperium as she thinks that neither of them are good for any human.

The Relic powersword she is holding was a gift from Kathal for saving his people. She hates the imperium for declaring the "sons of malice" traitors and heretics, and Chaos Daemons and cultists for the blood they had spilled on her homeworld. The feral tribesmen that she saved chose to join her troops forming the Order of Anarchy Regiment. She doesn't like Executing her men since most of them were the ones that she saved or the troops that remained loyal to her when she decided to go renegade and join the "sons of Malice". She cares for her troops and will do anything in order to protect them and the "sons of Malice".