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Welcome to 1d4chan

The wiki for all things /tg/

Bonus News

I've finally fixed the problem with the email functions. You can now actually use the e-mail user function, verify your email account and recover forgotten password, etc. Only took me what, two years? --Wikifag 23:49, 15 June 2012 (BST)


Good news, everyone! Recently I tinkered with the wiki configuration a little and as a result we have some new namespaces to play with. There is now a proper Campaign: namespace and a new Setting: namespace, with associated article discussion namespaces at Campaign talk: and Setting talk:, to help us organise the wiki a little better. One of the things that this allows me to do is specify the Campaign: namespace as a non-content space - meaning that articles in that namespace will not be counted as content articles for statistics purposes, and nor will they show up if you follow the Random page link in the navigation bar (nor should they show up in the orphaned pages list, to the benefit of those volunteer wikijanitors amongst us). Hopefully this change will make using the Random page function more appealing since you should now be far less likely to just find scattered pages from some random person's three year old campaign.

The Setting: namespace, on the other hand, IS considered to be a content namespace. Its purpose is to keep information about homebrew settings /tg/ has come up with if they're not just within the scope of a single campaign, and is not meant for single campaigns or the officially published settings of games. For instance, if you're running a game and using the wiki to store data, information about the setting for your game should go in your Campaign:Foo pages. Something like the Tiji Sector or The Unified Setting for /tg/, on the other hand, should go in the setting namespace. I'm going to go through and move a few things I know about into the setting namespace but I won't get nearly everything so feel free to move pages you find or maintain into the newly appropriate namespace.

One important thing to remember about these new namespaces is that they allow subpages, unlike the main namespace. This means that if you create a page at Campaign:Foo/Bar there will be an automatic link back at the top of the page to Campaign:Foo, and the pages are considered associated. The downside is that any forward slash (/) in the page title will create a subpage structure so it is not safe to use slashes as anything other than a subpage delineator in these namespaces. See the associated wikimedia page on linking to see how to take advantage of this functionality. I've also installed the SubPageList extension which you can use to create an automatic list of all of an article's subpages; full usage instructions can be found at the link.

When you are creating articles about settings, it's fine to split up setting information into multiple pages, but the setting should have one main page at Setting:Whatever (even if it is primarily an overview or index and the bulk of the information is in other pages), and all the other pages specific to that setting should ultimately be subpages of that main page. Subpages can have subpages themselves, so for instance Setting:Foo/Races/Barrians is a valid construction.

So drunk am I on the power of namespace configuration that I may, in the future, decide to create even more namespaces for specific types of article, like a Story: namespace for stories, so watch out for that. What I definitely intend to do is write up a useful and permanent guide for where exactly any specific sort of article belongs and what templates you should probably put on it (but note that's merely a declaration of intention. I make no promises). I also might eventually get around to fiddling with the monobook colour scheme. --Wikifag 17:08, 10 June 2012 (BST)


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Welcome to 1d4chan, a site devoted to the description and archival of all sorts of things interesting and relevant to /tg/, including articles on fa/tg/uy culture, memes particular to (or at least commonly used on) /tg/, games and systems played by its browsers, interesting fluff thereof, and writefaggotry posted to the board. In addition to this, users are free to use the wiki to store information about online campaigns they are running, or as a platform for collaborative effort on homebrewn game systems or settings.

The wiki is hosted and administrated by Wikifag, although his time is limited and he cannot monitor it non-stop. If an issue has arisen which you believe needs immediate attention (a prominent example would be if the site has gone down or is extremely sluggish, as it may be some time before he notices, or someone has uploaded illegal material to the server) then he can be reached by emailing wikifag [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • No egoboos 1d4chan is NOT for pages dedicated to specific browsers of /tg/, namefag or tripfag, regardless of how well-known or liked/disliked they are. The only exception to this is the drawfag page, which may list known drawfags and describe their usual subject matter. Please refrain from qualitative analysis of a given drawfag's talents or personality, as drama will inevitably ensue.
  • No wars in the article If you find yourself in an edit war or anything similar with another user, move your argument to the article's discussion page. If you observe a dispute over an article and have an opinion one way or the other about it, comment on the discussion. Wikifag prefers to get input from as many people as possible before he has to make some sort of administrative decision about a given issue.
  • Campaigns in the Campaign: namespace If you intend to use the wiki as storage for pages about your campaign, your main page should be at Campaign:Name and other related pages should be at Campaign:Name/Stuff. Your pages should also link to each other to avoid them appearing on the orphaned pages list. Wikifag won't punish users for forgetting to do this, but it helps keep the wiki tidy!
    • Use the Setting: namespace for articles related to homebrew (as opposed to offical) settings, following the same syntax.
  • Deleting pages If you find a page that needs deleting, put the {{deletion}} template on it (by including that markup at the top of the page) and it will be added to the deletion category. Pages that should be deleted are pages for campaigns that are no longer running or no longer needed for that campaign, and pages of very low quality or subject matter unrelated to /tg/. Note that the criteria for "related to /tg/" is somewhat lax, and well-written pages that justify even a tangential relation to /tg/ are likely to be allowed to remain.
  • Block Policy See the Policy page for a clarification of what behaviors are considered block-worthy. In short: vandalism and (excessive) edit-warring warrants a block of a few days, and link-spammers get permanently blocked. Use the talk page instead of the "undo" link.