Mek Boss Buzgob

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Mek Boss Buzgob (or Buzzgob, Orkz don't kare 'bout dat spellin') is a huge Ork Big Mek who could be said to be the true power behind Waaagh! Garaghak. He's comfortably settled on the previously-Imperial world of Kastorel-Novem, ruling on his personal city called 'Mekslaglkks'. Only once was his rockin' crib crashed by the 'coppers' (a task force including Imperial Guardsmen from Elysia and a bunch of Raven Guard marines), and the 'umie gitz failed in driving out the green-skinned partygoers. He's continuing to develop ever-more powerful weapons to fuel the drive of Garaghak's offensive. He commands his own private mob of Deff Dreds, Mega-Dreads, Killa Kans, and Stompas, collectively known as Buzzgob's Dreadheads.

The face of Imperial Armour Volume 8, this uber-Mek is both cheap as hell and an utter beast in assault. He comes with 'eavy Armor, a Big Choppa, and a Bosspole as default, plus an Orky Full Tech Harness, the Mek Arms. They give him D3 attacks on the charge in addition to the +1 he gets normally. So enjoy ripping those Guardsmen over there a new asshole. He also makes Dreads around him scoring with his unique warlord trait, so why not shove a few insane walking tin cans into the breach while you're at it? Watch out for stuff like Railguns and Bright Lances, though, as the lack of Eternal Warrior or a Cybork Body means this guy will go down like a sack of (very metallic) rocks.


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