Mesh Armour

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The Eldar's Flak Armor. Looking more like a toy than a suit of war.

Mesh Armour is the most common type of armour worn over by the majority of the Eldar. They are constructed primarily out of tens of thousands of individual pieces of thermoplas interwoven to produce a dense material resembling reptile scales or chainmail. It is unknown whether they could be crafted or is crafted out of Wraithbone.


Unlike Imperial powered armour, which is designed to shrug and deflect shots (hence its bulkiness); mesh armour instead becomes momentarily rigid when hit, so as to scatter the force of a hit throughout the armour, weakening the overall impact of a hit the wearer takes. The thermoplas is also supposedly heat-resistant, making it effective against energy-based weapons like plasma or lasers (not that you'd notice crunch-wise).

The material is psychically sensitive, automatically reacting to the wearer's movements and thoughts to maintain a glove-tight fit as they move and fight. Guardian mesh armour also contains additional features, including an independent air supply and heat-sensing lenses.

While this doesn't seem like much protection, keep in mind that the Eldar are capable of such rapid movement and reaction that its only matched by superhumans, followers of the cocaine god(dess), and their edgier brethren, along with the standard Eldar doctrine of emphasizing on mobility and precision. Hence, Mesh armor isn't really designed to withstand withering amounts of damage like how marine armor works; its designed to keep the wearer agile, yet still sufficiently protected. It's also possible to simply glance hits, with angled impacts deflecting and splattering away.

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