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NobleBright is an adjective derived from the term often used to describe Warhammer 40k: GrimDark. Just as every hero has a "mirror opposite" version that is evil, it's supposed that there must be a mirror opposite version of the heroes of WH40k where everything goes RIGHT for a change. It can also be used to describe artwork that has a noble/bright feel, even if the setting itself would not normally be considered noble or bright.

Where the GrimDark tag usually describes a setting in a slow, painful decline, the NobleBright tag usually describes a setting emerging from a dark age returning to or in the midst of a golden age.

Canonical Example: WarHammer vs. BrightHammer

This alternate universe's game, BrightHammer40k, comes with the tagline "In the Noble Brightness of the far future, there is only HIGH ADVENTURE!" This is as opposed to the original tagline of Warhammer 40k, which stated, "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war." BrightHammer40k's setting has strong 1920's-1940's pulp fiction themes, crossed with an "age of myth" bronze age culture.

Differences between WarHammer 40k and BrightHammer 40k include:

  • The setting is loosely divided into city-states united by race, religion, philosophy or just simple common sense, rather than singular empires defined by paranoia.
  • There is a wide variety in the type of characters, nations, flora and fauna, and major characters in the setting.
  • There is an overall "pulp fiction" feel.
  • The universe is old, in the process of rediscovering a forgotten golden age.
  • Low level conflicts such as raiding are considered common, but war is not.
  • Everyone is in a perpetual cold war with everyone else, but almost never an active war.
  • Technology is wildly inconsistent.
  • Villains are over the top, campy, and rarely played seriously.
  • Leaders are usually diplomats or wise "philosopher-kings".
  • Heroes do most of the heavy lifting in society, and there are heroes, great and minor, at every level of society.
  • There is a strong emphasis on individual strength.
  • Good guys can be jerks, but are still good guys.
  • Over the top heroism usually carries the day.
  • Obvious, thinly disguised Secret Agents everywhere.
  • The setting is entering a technological renaissance.
  • Everything is bright or vividly colored.

Compared to Warhammer 40k, Brighthammer 40k is generally brighter and a nicer place to live, but is by no means peaceful, always in a low level state of conflict, internal and external, never quite turning into war. The skull motif is replaced by wings, and colors are often brighter.

Stuff considered NobleBright

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