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Olidammara, The Laughing Rogue. Note his holy symbol on the head of the lute.

Olidammara, The Laughing Rogue, is one of the core deities in the Greyhawk setting of Dungeons & Dragons. He is the Chaotic Neutral god of rogues, bards, and any who promote the good things in life, especially wine and revelry. His holy symbol is a laughing mask, and his favorite weapon is Swiftstrike, a +5 Chaotic Keen rapier of Speed.

The Rogue

As the patron of music and art of any kind, all those who try to make the world a more beautiful place through these means have his blessing. He is also a great trickster and prankster, and expects his followers to both take a joke and how to make one. He in particularly likes wine, and making it then drinking it in good company is one of the most joyful things you can do in life. And you should enjoy yours: temperance and solemnity are the poison of the soul.

He sometimes goes off to prank someone uptight, and the gods take care when The Laughing Rogue has set his mind to having some fun. And while Olidammara is not malevolent he is just a bit of a dick when it comes to such jokes: he performs them, has a laugh then buggers off back to his home. He also has a liking for women, though it's undocumented if this means that he has many half-god offspring running around. This is not helped by his 48 levels in Innuendo: meaning that the Intermediate Deity status he has alongside his 30 Int means that Olidammara can make dick jokes at a +73 modifyer.


Olidammara has the domains of Chaos, Luck and Trickery. He prefers not to take the straight-on approach, instead going around and taking care while doing something. He also inspires his followers to make art, music, wine and merry, and to upset those too stuck in the routine of their lives.


Olidammara resides on the first layer of Ysgard, named Ysgard. Here lies the Den of Olidammara, a great hall of mazes and hidden rooms, with at the center a great hall. Filled with alrage numbers of rogues, bards, performers and entertainers alike, it is where you go if you want music, dance, wine and romance. In the center stands a great divan which is where Olidammara often sits when not out on a prank or walking amongst his guests in disguise.


The church of Olidammara is a decentralized ordeal with many of his followers having their own prayers (more like songs), rites (the Ceremony of the Cork to celebrate the opening of a particularly fine wine) and other objects of worship. His temples exist in two forms: public places where the arts are practiced and wine is drunk (in other words: concert halls, museums and inns) and outright temples to the Rogue. These are almost always hidden though: mainly because they house large numbers of thieves, smugglers, burglars and other criminals who are willing to trade their (often stolen or illegal) goods for gold.

As long as they align somehow with Olidammara's way of life anyone can join his service: the Rogue expects them to be at least some form of artist, pranker or vintner. Being a cleric of The Laughing Rogue is not a full-time job: many remain in their previous lives of artists or winemakers while paying tribute to their lord with making and spreading their works and mirth.

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