Order of the Bloody Rose

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In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, True devotion is proved with blood.

"Steel your hearts! Let the Emperor guide your arm and let faith harden your sinews. These heretics have abandoned any right to live by turning from His light. They stain His realm by their continued existence. Tear them down, in the name of Saint Mina!"

– Aujula Kaerton, Canoness Preceptor of the Order of the Bloody Rose

"The minute you’re not angry about things, the minute you’re not upset about things, what are you talking about? … I’m furious about everything."

– Joan Rivers

"We're done when I say we're done."

– Shelly "Bombshell" Harris, summing up the ethos of the Order quite well.

The Order of the Bloody Rose is a major Orders Militant of the Sisters of Battle, and as close to a Doom Slayer with tits as you're gonna get in an army of bolter bitches. They are the women who birth the aspirants who become Angry Marines. They're basically khornate women who somehow got so angry they went the other way around and remain loyal. Fittingly, their armor colors are Red and Black.

About the Order of the Bloody Rose

The Order was brought about in the name of Saint Mina, one of Alicia Dominica's sisterhood as a Bride of the Emperor. She was, appropriately enough, the angry goth chick of the group; not very talkative and a fucking terror in battle, and participated in the ending of the Reign of Blood. After that whole debacle, she went about Ripping and Tearing her way through the galaxy and being declared a Living Saint in the process before she met her end during prayer, when she was ambushed by a bunch of chaos cultists. She died at their hands, but not before killing every last one of them and was found coated in their blood. Khorne would be proud. 2 millenia later, an Orders Militant was made in her honor, and the sisters who fight in her name strive to live up to that level of religious violence every single day, getting their start kink-shaming Slaaneshi cults that had taken over some Shrine Worlds so hard that the Hospitallers and Diologii who came in their wake to pick through the pieces were more on clean-up duty than on soul-saving duty, since they cared more about killing heretics than saving lives, and anybody who was still loyal was just left where they were. Saint Mari, the Cannonness in charge, then codified the Bloody Rose's art of war in the blood of her fallen sisters once they successfully cleaned out the last world, and it has been in place ever since as their ethos. Joining their order means effectively joining an imperial cult in the Convent Sanctorum who's sole goal is to deny Khorne a bounty of rage and violent fury so potent he probably shits bones every day thinking about what he's missing out on. They get told to harness and indulge their most violent thoughts as manifestations of the Emprah's martial prowess, their litanies are essentially massive call-out posts on heretics and heretical acts, their prayers are screamed at the top of their lungs rather than whispered or sung, and then they bottle it. Every last nasty drop of seething rage and hatred and focus it to a point so sharp it could cut glass, at which point they are sent into battle with one purpose: Draw the enemy in so they can properly and utterly shred the enemy into pieces the size of croutons, unleashing their burning hatred in blasts comparable to that of meltaguns, and the average sister is more like a violent maniac just barely keeping it together before she gets to do her favorite religious retreat hobby: stabbing heretics really, really hard.

They usually do that by showing a shocking amount of restraint, usually using feints or blanketing the enemy with fire from a certain direction so that they overcommit on another side of the battle...and then jump on the poor dopes like a pack of ravenous animals, chainswords revving and only occasionally using a bolter to express their burning fury to the HERESY they were warned and worked up about. No, seriously. They sometimes just straight up start punching and kicking warp-tainted monsters and aliens designed to melt you if you touch them and win because they're just that fucking angry they exist, and use the Bolter just as a nice denouement to the amount of violence they just inflicted. Hell, when they see Chaos, they get so righteously angry on behalf of the Emprah that actual literal storm clouds will appear above their heads, some will start actually crying blood and become superhumanly fast, if only because you can't chop filthy heretics into red mist with a power sword sticking through your windpipe.

Notable Campaigns

A typical battle sister of the order, in their typical facial expression of pants-shitting RAGE.
  • Therrix Suppression (085.M41) - The entire order catches wind that some Chaos Cult has shown up on the hive world known as Therrix, and they want in on the action. They join the Mentors, the Subjugators, and the Novamarines, as well as some ecclesiarchical forces in a rampage that thoroughly cleans the place out. They are considered instrumental for getting into those hard to reach places.
  • Defence of Dimmamar (858.M41) - Eldrad's dickweed craftworld shows up and attacks Sebastian Thor's homeworld for no reason, and they promptly kick over the hornets nest known as this order and got to deal with Seraphim Superior Amelda, who rightfully decides attacking the farseer leading the whole attack is a smarter idea than just depopulating a section of the craftworld, as fun as that'd be. They carve a path made out of Eldar bodies until the farseer uses psychic lightning to kill a lot of Amelda's friends. Which rightfully pisses her off to the point that she ignores psychic fucking lightning and just shoots the dumb elf psyker in the head.
  • Defence of Hive Superior (999.M41) - Regretfully for the order, they didn't get to deal with the 13th Black Crusade directly, but they did get to fight Tzeench! They go to a hive of scum and villainy known as the Trail of St. Evisser, where chaos uprisings have been happening all over the place under the careful planning of Ghargatuloth, a greater daemon of the lord of change. They end up getting Just As Planned'd into fighting the Grey Knights, and in a rare moment of clarity, probably brought about from anger, they recognize that the Grey Knights are nominally on their side, and turned everybody right around and shooting the correct direction: at the daemons, and the rogue inquisitor who helped orchestrate it all.
  • The Threshing Fields (M41) - A not so great moment for the Order, but a proud one nonetheless. A force of the Bloody Rose makes a sudden pitstop after one of their sisters who hadn't yet tasted combat gets a premonition that something bad's gonna happen on the only planet in the Thresh system, and that they should go stop it as violently as possible. That bad thing? Tyranids! Lots of them! From Ouroboris! And more of them than could possibly be counted! What follows is six months of ripping, tearing, and burning the bodies of both human and xeno to dust in order to ensure the hive fleet couldn't get any biomass out of the deal. Nevertheless, they do so much combat that the wave just gives up and goes somewhere else. The only survivor who made it off that rock was the girl who had the premonition in the first place.
  • Indomitus Era (M42-) - The Order is out dealing with all sorts of nasties coming from the galactic south, while they'd like to be dealing with stuff coming from the Great Rift. This hasn't exactly helped their anger issues, but it has kept them effective.

On the Tabletop

In 8th edition, it should surprise absolutely nobody that their entire setup is based on CC. It's not exactly subtle, but it gets the job done: You get up close, you use all the units with this <ORDER>'s conviction, "Quick to Anger", and watch the pale face of your opponent contort in terror and pain as his Guardsmen get torn to fucking shreds, as it adds an additional AP to melee weapons and pistols (that DO stack on their relic chainsword, by the way), as well as +1 Attack for everything they Charge, Charged, or Heroic Intervention'd. They can even get back at the Grey Knights if you play your cards right and roll reasonably well! Their big problem is the same stuff that most Sisters Orders have trouble with, their vehicles don't get any of the bonuses, and really shooty and/or tanky armies can really fuck up your day, since you're gonna want to pump as many CC buffs into this Order as possible to get the most out of them. The order is designed to run Zephyria, Repentia, and Seraphim in avarice, usually with a beatstick Cannonness for flavor.