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This is a system for using Dungeons: the Dragoning 40,000 7th Edition to play an Outlaw Star game.

Casters are rare, legendary weapons requiring extensive investments to use regularly.

Spaceships can be purchased fairly easily, but their upkeep and maintenance will suck up a lot of the party's usual rewards. Players can upgrade their ship as they see fit, adding grappler arms, bio-android pods, and additional weaponry.

C'tarl C'tarl are mostly fleshed out, just need some mechanical tweaks to their base Ork+Werewolf scheme.

Corbonites and Nayans share the planet Corbano, Corbanites are highly skilled mechanics and are typically found where ever space ships make port. Nayans are a jellyfish like race that use a mechanical environment suit to allow them to function amongst other races. They are often skilled pilots and tend to be mistrustful of their own race. One of the few races that a friendly with the Lorgans. Of the two Nayans will be more likely (and capable) of taking up a fight. Generally speaking a Corbanite will try to buy himself out of trouble.

Silgrians are very social and open, and like humans because we're pretty similar to them in that regard, albeit less so. Social wizards when they put their minds to it.

Lorgans a slug like people that became highly warlike to escape their home world and make an empire for themselves. The Lorgan Empire has dwindled since their war with the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, and skirmishes with human expansion. They’re strangely agile given their evolutionary ancestry, and are often very competent and effective weapon users.

PC's can be mages, but to do so requires they take the "Enemy: Pirates" drawback.

Current main focus of the game is on human space, generally the frontiers of empire spheres and pirate territory.

Setting Rules[edit]


When a player fails a wealth test, they may choose to take a debt instead. This debt turns the failed test into an automatic success, but the player now owe's someone. The money lender could be an existing ally or backer, or a shadier character of the SM's design. Regardless, the character to whom the debt is owed may name their own terms of the debt. Generally, these terms will require another wealth test at +5 be made at a later date (to cover interest), but may require a lower wealth test if it's a debt between friends, or for the player perform a service or complete a specific task rather than pay back the money. Of course, the Towards Stars Setting is full of pirates and outlaws, and a player may opt to never repay a debt. This is the easy way out, but not always the smartest, as it will mean the player loses standing with any allies or backers they welch on (losing a dot in the relevant background if the terms of the debt are not met, until the debt is cleared by some other means), and may even earn them a new enemy. Regardless of what the relationship with the unpaid character becomes, all future wealth tests in the location the unpaid debt was taken are at +10 for the character and anyone associated with him, as they are forced to circumvent the normal channels to avoid the attention of the people they owe.



Statted as in core DtD


A generally peace loving race, it was the corbanites technical and mechanical prowess that allowed them and the nayans to leave their world and search the stars. You’ll often find them wherever a ship makes port. They are most akin to a Terran frog when not inside their protective Evo suits. While not cowardly, their small stature and generally weak physique make them unsuited for combat, and as such will often search for a more diplomatic approach. Corbanites will often work out trades, offering their mechanical services in exchange for favors, should you have no money. In general, corbanites think well of and are thought well of most races in the galaxy, with the exception of the ctarl-ctarl whom they have a rather rocky relationship with.

Statted as DtD's Gnomes.


The Nayans have a stronger temperament then their cousin cobanites, and as such are more apt to enter into combat with others. A jellyfish like race, the nayans live in Corbano’s seas before venturing into the stars with the corbanites. They wear suits similar to the corbanite design, with the exception of the apertures arms and legs being completely mechanical, allowing the nayan inside to freely manipulate and interact with others. They are often skilled pilots, and are most commonly found on Corbanite and Lorgan vessels. The nayans get along well with all races, except oddly enough their own. Nayans are often mistrustful of their own race and prefer to be amongst others. They are unique in that they are the only race other then the silgrians that are friendly with the aggressive lorgan.

  • Average Height: 1.5-1.8 m (in suit)
  • Average weight: 34-45 kg
  • Languages: Common, Corbanese
  • Characteristic bonus: +1 to wisdom or dexterity
  • Skill bonus: +1 to pilot and acrobatics
  • Power: Fluid motion - Whenever you successfully dodge a ranged attack, you may make a free charge action, or ranged attack. If you make a charge attack, you can only move half the normal distance.
  • size: 3

Racial Feats[edit]

A tentacle too far: A Nayan may use Acrobatics in place of brawl to initiate a grapple, and in place of a strength test during a grapple, or to break free of an opposing grapple.

Natural Born Spacer: You gain +1k1 on all piloting and driving tests.


A reptilian looking race that is actually more akin to birds. The silgrians have a general flock mentality and culture, and as such are openly friendly to all races they encounter. Their social prowess often leads them to be the heads of large planetary and interstellar corporations, as well as running smaller shipping and retail operations. Generally they are far taller then a man, with long limbs and human like hands. Descending from birds, the males and females greatly differ in color from one another, with males often having blue, red, orange and light green skin tones, while females are more likely to have pink, and purple skin tones. The Silgrians are friendly to everyone, however most other races tend to think of them as too friendly, being unfamiliar with their lack of an idea of personal space.

  • Average Height: 1.7-2.1 m
  • Average weight: 80-110 kg
  • Languages: Common, Silgry
  • Characteristic bonus: +1 to Fellowship or Charisma
  • Skill bonus: +1 to perception and charm
  • Power: Hollow bones - Silgrians have speed equal to 1.5 x (strength + dexterity) rounded down
  • size: 4

Racial Feats[edit]

Never lose faith in each other: You gain an additional raise on any successful roll to regain Resolve, and add 5 to your Mental Defense. However, no amount of resolve drain causes you to become jaded, and social attacks against you will never automatically fail.

No such thing as too friendly: You add your fellowship to dice rolled on opposed rolls.


A slug like race, the lorgans once controlled a large empire that rivaled the size of the current empire of Ctarl-Ctarl. When the ctarl grew in prominence the two fought in skirmishes, and eventually escalated into a full war. The lorgan were soundly defeated, and many of their previous worlds now belong to the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire. Because of this, many lorgans will outright not work with ctarl, and show open disdain for them. Being slug-like lorgans are able to contort and change their body shape, making them adept at sneaking, and hiding. This factors greatly into their combat abilities, as they favor hit and run, feint and ambush tactics. Most races in the galaxy see the lorgan as thieves, pirates, and backstabbers, and as such are often wary of them, and the lorgan return this sentiment. Special cases include humanity whom the lorgan often have skirmishes with as they expand into each other's space, and the nayans who are fast friends to the lorgan.

  • Average height:1.4-1.7 m
  • Average weight: 85-120kg
  • Languages: common, lorgan
  • Characteristic bonus: +1 to stength or compsure
  • Skill bonuses: +1 to decieve and stealth
  • Power: Maleable Anatomy - Lorgans reduce the hit points they lose from any attacks by 1. This includes critical damage.
  • size: 4

Racial Feats[edit]

Hit and run: Whenever you move and hit with a melee attack in the same turn, you get +1k1 to the damage roll for that attack

Somewhat bad: you gain +0k1 to all indimidate and larceny checks

Ctarl Ctarl[edit]

A race of beast-men metamorphs, the ctarl-ctarl have made a mighty empire that boarders human space near the USSA Empire. When humanity first encountered them a war between the two races broke out. Since, peace and trade treaties have been signed and the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire is in a rather steady relationship with humanity. Ctarl have immense strength, a generally short temper, and are prone to emotional outburst and violence. This is mostly observed in the young of the species. It is not uncommon to see ctarl in the frontier planets of human space, working at jobs that make use of their strong muscles, or possibly more often, visually pleasing bodies. They are on neutral terms with humanity, but are generally disliked by other races, with the lorgan being almost outright hostile to them.

Racially as Orks, with the following change:

  • Skill bonuses: +1 to Perception and Athletics

Additionally, Ctarl Ctarl must take the Ctarl Ctarl exaltation.

Racial Feats[edit]

With total authority: you may add your stength as a bonus to any command, intimidate or persuasion test. if any character succeeds a command check against you, you lose this bonus to any tests made against them

Really are invulnerable: The first time you would suffer critical damage in a scene, you instead take only one point of critical damage. Obviously, if you'd only be taking one point anyway, this ability has no effect.


During the early stages of the war with the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, USSA scientists genetically altered ancient dinosaur DNA, the result were saurians, a reptilian race capable of matching a ctarl in hand-to-hand combat. Brought up to be military experts, saurians use not just brawn to win a fight, but their brains as well. Conditioned to be loyal to a fault, saurians will normally respect any order given to them by a superior officer. The only thing that would trump this for a saurian would be the word of law. Initially created to be infertile, a series of laboratory mistakes eventually lead to several generations of saurains capable of reproduction. After many public and military debates it was determined to accept the saurians as their own distinct race. Due to their strong military upbringing, most saurian courtship customs involve achieving an advanced rank before they could claim a mate. Due to this, despite lacking the controlled environment of a lab, each following generation of saurians is often even more loyal to the law, and are continually better soldiers and commanders. While they feel at home on the jungle worlds they settled soon after their racial decree, you’ll be more likely to find a saurian in space then planet side.

Statted as DtD's dragonborn with the following change:

  • Replace dragon breath with the Aasimar racial power "And They Shall Know No Fear"

Racial Feats[edit]

Created through genetic engineering: You may choose a race and gain its racial power in addition to your own.

Not a reptilian Dimwit: Choose a race. You may take racial feats as if you were that race.


A truly unique race in the galaxy, the sith are an insectoid people incapable of communication with other races. While most aliens will use translators to understand each other, the sith either forego this, or simply cannot use the technology. It is extremely difficult dealing with the sith, and while they are generally not overly violent, they had wars with the ctarl in the past. The only race that seems capable of dealing with the sith are the silgrians.


The truly man made peoples of the galaxy. Synthetics are commonly separated into three groups. Cyborgs, humans who have mechanical augments, limbs and organs; Androids, robotic bodies controlled by AI; and Bio-Androids, a flesh and blood synthetic integrated with mechanics and electronics. In general these peoples will conform to their species of origin, as they are not technically their own race, but will have the advantages of whatever augments they have taken upon themselves. The exception to this are bio-androids. As they are flesh and bone combined with machinery, they are obviously living organisms, however since they are completely man made, they are often thought of as machines and property. Ethical issues that have arisen by the existence of bio-androids are often personal beliefs, no official classification by any empires law has ever come forth.

Statted as Prometheans and/or basic race with cybernetics.


Ctarl Ctarl[edit]

Ctarl Shifting: as a full action the ctarl ctarl may change into one of two forms. The first is a rage form which looks similar to a normal ctarl ctarl, but enhances their bestial traits, such as longer claws, fangs, and growing a tail, as well as improving their natural fighting capabilities. and a beast form, which turns them into a huge cat of insurmountable power.

Rage form - gain +1k1 to all perception checks involving sound, +2 Strength, and gain claw weapon (1k1 R; Melee; Brawling)

Beast form - A ctarl ctarl in beast form can only make attack actions or move toward an opponent. A ctarl ctarl must spend one rage to enter beast form and may only maintain the form for an umber of rounds equal to con + feral heart. A ctarl ctarl can not enter this form in any environment without a moon (such as on-board a ship, or a space station) while in beast form a ctarl ctarl gains stuff of nightmares, strength +2, size +2, dexterity +2, a claw natural weapon (1k1 R; Melee; Brawling) and a bite natural weapon (2k1 R; Melee; Brawling) a ctarl ctarl's bite and claw in beast form count as magical weapons. A ctarl ctarl must remove any armor before transforming into beast form or else the straps break dealing damage equal to the armor's AP and is useless until repaired.

Ctarl Ctarl durability - a ctarl ctarl gains AP equal to their feral heart in rage and beast forms and may not be killed by critical damage unless that damage comes from an E X or magical source. if a ctarl ctarl suffers enough damage from any other source that it would die, it is instead rendered unconcious until it regenerates all critical damage. a ctarl ctarl may spend rage during combat to recover hit points as a free action.

•: Fast healing - as the werewolf ability

••: Hunting Beast - You may stay in your beast form for any amount of time outside of combat, as the lack adrenaline does not make you blood pump as hard.

•••: quick shift - as the werewolf ability

••••: Rampaging Beast: Your claws and bite attack gain Pen equal to your Feral Heart, as well as the tearing and power field properties

•••••: Immortal Ctarl Ctarl - You can't be killed, even magic, lasers and explosives simply reduce you to out cold.

Power stat and resource stat: as werewolf


Caster (Artifact 4)[edit]

Casters come in many shapes and sizes, but they all function the same: insert shell into slot, point at thing you want gone, pull trigger. To use a caster a character must load a shell as a half action (or have one already loaded) and make a ranged attack. Casters count as plasma weapons for the sake of proficiency for this attack. The results of this roll replace the focus test for casting the spell stored in the shell used, as well as any additional attack roll the spell calls for.

Caster Shells[edit]

Unlike most ammunition, caster shells are frequently just as rare, or rarer than casters themselves, and must be procured individually. Caster shells range from rare to myrthic rare in availability, depending on the shell number.

List of Caster Shells[edit]

-1 - (Gunmetal grey with a red finish) When fired, it fires a purple beam that envelopes the target, Wreaking their clothing till they're naked. Only affects fabrics.

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -(red shell) [red disc] Large red beam with a diameter of approximately the distance between a man’s head and their hip. Large explosion after impact, most of it goes upward.
  4. -(Yellow shell, red symbol) [psychic purple/black disc] A black ball slowly-but-surely floats out of the caster barrel, then glides over to whoever it was fired at before ‘inhaling’ them. Zaps the users life force then fades out of existence.
  5. - (red shell) [blue disc in castor] Red oozy paint bullet. Spiral tri-contrail effect. Was used to cancel out the Tao Dragon spell.
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. - (yellow shell, red symbol) [light reddish disc] Five-seconds before black ball appears and fires a cone of “insanely forceful” damaging wind, lasts for approximately two-seconds. The preliminary effect of the #9 is unknown, only data pertaining to the after-effect is known.
  10. - (Yellow shell) [Hot red disc] Medium sized dark side red beam.
  11. -(red shell) [slightly hot red disc] same colored projectile.
  12. - (Stone colored shell) [Purple disc] Blue ball of energy, electrical damage.
  13. - (yellow shell, green symbol) [yellow disc, creates yellow orbiting electrons around vents] Lighting-like electrical-yellow blast. Last shell used in the series.
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
  19. - (Red shell) [Light side blue disc] Dud, thus there is no information available. Unsuccessfully used against pirates in Episode two
  20. -

And we also have this unnumbered shell:

?- (???) [Hot pink disc] Large blue beam with a diameter approximately the size of a man. Used against Shimi.

Grappler Ships[edit]

Most grappler ships are fighters, or personal ships and as such generally follow the rules for vehicles rather than ships. Ship-to-ship combat should be reserved for giant flagships of pirate or space forces fleets, or else military warships, not the kind of thing your average outlaw will readily be able to get their hands on. The following additional rules apply to ships in the towards stars setting:

Additional Drive Trains[edit]

Munchausen Drive

Drive Rating: 10 (flying)

A Munchausen Drive (or any alien counterpart) is used to power the aether and subaether drives that allow for modern space travel. It generally involves powerful reactors

  • Falin: A Vehicle with this drive is restricted in how it may move within a planet's gravity. If a vehicle is using this drive within the atmosphere of a planet, it may only make Punch-it actions to accelerate, and may not change its direction. The vehicle must reach momentum 10 to maintain escape velocity. If it fails a test, or attempts to change course while still within the planet's gravity, it goes Out of Control.
  • Sub-Aether mode: A Munchausen Drive allows for a ship to travel through the warp in the same fashion that large ships do, despite the smaller size, thanks to a complex and compact power source.

Due to the limited maneuverability of ships using Munchausen Drives within an atmosphere, they are generally kept in space, either docking at space stations or in orbit. When it is absolutely necessary to land on a planet, large landing platforms are used to make sure they can follow a straight line in and out of the atmosphere.

Additional rules for accessories[edit]

When building a ship with a Munchausen Drive, environmental seals have a cost of 0.

Void Shields are not negated by ranged attacks made by an opposing ship that also has void shields.


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