Racial Holy War

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This article is about something that is considered by the overpowering majority of /tg/ to be fail.
Expect huge amounts of derp and rage, punctuated by /tg/ extracting humor from it.
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For those whose Klansman's Hoods are on backwards (and also /pol/).

"I don't know whether to give it to a scientist to examine or a priest to exorcise!"

– Nostalgia Critic (regarding the Garbage Pail Kids movie, but it works here too)

/pol/ack note: Looks like I found the assmad fag behind this awful input. His name is Kracked Mynd. He works a retail job and is gay and brown by his own admission. So, yeah. (And if he deletes this, it only makes it more obvious he doesn't want folks to know that.) I'm not even going to argue this.

Veterans of 1d4chan and /tg/ in general will notice that when we tend to review and, more commonly, openly make fun of shitty RPGs, we still tend to discuss what positive features they have, if any; for example, Ironclaw may be sort of fail, but it works fine once the furries are removed from the setting. Conversely, you have settings which have few directly appreciable features, but are so eminently mockable that one can't help but get a chuckle out of it. Poison'd and references to Esophagus-fucking may be a great example of this phenomenon, though the ur-example remains FATAL, which for all of its hideously broken design, is a fucking singularity of humor that allows for borderline-infinite mockery. Anal Circumference alone has led to countless lulz on /tg/ and beyond.

And then you have Racial Holy War, also known as RaHoWa, which has none of these redeeming features.

It is below contempt, even if you're not racially/ethnically sensitive or even approve of racism altogether. It is not an RPG you can really make fun of for laughs because of its complete idiocy - everything about it is just devoid of humor. It somehow manages to out-do FATAL as being the worst RPG made, because whilst FATAL may be completely defunct mechanically, FATAL at least can, like a shitty movie being MST3Ked, get a laugh out of someone for being that broken and having ideas that stupid. Out-doing FATAL in badness is an achievement in and of itself, but RaHoWa takes it to the nth degree.

Putting it simply: RaHoWa is a White Supremacist RPG, an RPG that is made by - and for - the sort of people who cherry-picked the worst of Hitler's short-lived ideals (apparently forgetting that Hitler eventually retconned his early racism during his escapades in WW2) and still biting into the whole concept of: "Whites are the best because we're white and our god told us we are." It is a ridiculous attempt to lionize this belief as a form of propaganda - in RPG format, of course. Its concept and setting are beyond /tg/'s ability to make ostensibly humorous via mockery. It is broken ruleset-wise - because of course it is - however, the fact that it adds a dimension of glorifying a mindset that is all too happy to grab Humanitarian ideals by their proverbial ankles and drag them, screaming, to the Lovecraftian depths is what pushes it over the pale, as the mindset it espouses has led to countless atrocities and horrors.

Seriously, FATAL is infinitely less cringe-worthy than this shit. At least FATAL has humor in its shock value. RaHoWa has none of that. It's almost too stupid to be offensive, almost too pathetic to hate, and too disgusting to pity.


The synopsis of RaHoWa is that in the not-so-distant future, the world is on the edge of collapse, and it's all the doing of the evil non-white races and their insidious Jewish masterminds, having reduced the superior white race to a downtrodden minority (which, as always, begs the obvious question how the allegedly-superior white race was able to be so thoroughly outmaneuvered by the Jews in the first place). Fortunately, for the world (but not for our sanity) a team of brave White Warriors (read: The Players) emerges in the hopes of "cleansing the world of all the vermin" (yes, this is an actual quote from the game).

Throw in such great missions as "destroying a drug cartel run by awful latrinos," and you have a strong case for this being the only RPG in history that makes FATAL look slightly better by comparison; that's right. Yes, folks, the bar has once again been lowered with the force of a tactical nuke. Thanks a fucking bunch, Reverend Molyneux.


When you open with a premise of blind racial genocide on the premise of racial superiority, the only direction you have to go is straight down (from the perspective of anyone who is not of that race), unless your game is saved by a relatively decent ruleset that can still be fun to use in some way, making it infamously memorable... Said nobody ever, because games of this sort are, in actuality, unanimously mocked and derided, with basically nobody even trying to play them. Unfortunately for RaHoWa and fortunately for us, RaHoWa fails just as much at being an actual RPG. In fact, just classifying it as an RPG is a grave blasphemy to the legacy of the genre in general; even FATAL has a remotely functional dice system (this is a lie), inane and stupid as it is.

Character creation is a relatively boring affair, with a similar points-based attribute system to most RPGs - the problem is that what these attributes actually do is only mentioned in passing, if at all... Which is basically boilerplate for low-quality RPGs. From there, you choose a class and the skills of your choice, which include Clothesmaking (suggested uses for it include making swastika shirts, fuck yeah Friendship Windmill Tees!), Video games, and Holy Books of Creativity, the latter of which involves "the study and enlightenment of the greatest books ever written- Nature’s Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible", which somehow manage to heal the White Warriors by "soothing and inspiring them". You can even heal yourself by giving yourself a speech! This is where the ridiculous cult origin of RaHoWa's creation begins to become apparent.

For the combat part, you only have 3 generic weapons: a handgun, assault rifle, and shotgun. From here, you can pretty much see how downhill things go for combat: weapon selection is so god damn basic that there's no fun to be had in variety, like when you choose between a knife, a big knife and an even bigger knife in 1 x 10^26 other RPGs. But all this is nothing compared to the biggest problem of all that pretty much breaks the game in half - weapons themselves have no rules or stats, and there's not even a rule that explains how to calculate a player's base accuracy. This makes it essentially unplayable as there is no way to tell whether or not your attacks hit an enemy, because of this you can only assume that your weapons are actually imaginary guns that you attempt to materialize by making gunshot sounds with your mouth and positioning your hands like you're holding a gun, which would explain more how you're unable to hit anything at all. This is a pretty fucking core mechanism, and while you can easily homebrew something to cover it, why the fuck would you want to?

Although the mental image of the last hope of the "White Empire" being completely incapable of fighting even the weakest enemies is certainly hilarious - and if you weren't sure this was originally written by a Jewish or otherwise non-White person, you sure are now - it also makes it abundantly clear that the writers simply didn't care enough to even check if their game was complete before printing it out. If it were worth the mental exertion, one might wonder if the authors involved with the creation of this game even played a single RPG before trying to make their own.


As one last bit of flaming stupidity, the game takes unnecessary pleasure (now who's being humorless?) in categorizing enemy NPCs into ethnic stereotypes, each with their own special attack. It isn't even good if taken as a joke; it is completely devoid of any comedic material for even the most ethnically offensive comedian to use. It also makes whites the weakest race in the game since they are the only ones that don't get a special attack (aside from being the player characters). These special attacks have their use fully explained, which means that the writer was more interested in pushing his views than making his game playable (wait, didn't you just say that opposite of that?).

  • Niggers: "Smelly, stupid creatures" which can reduce PCs' accuracy via their body odor, which is ironic given the average racist neckbeard who never touched a girl is fouler (sounds like nigger-talk frankly). Moreover, because of the aforementioned lack of any way to calculate accuracy, it's essentially devoid of function (Because stinky niggers don't actually make it harder to hit a target. Duh.).
  • Latrinos: "Lazy and criminal vermin" (gee, that sounds familiar) with the ability to strike first in combat. (Because they sneak across the border so much, get it? That's actually pretty funny.) (Hey, I thought they were lazy. Shouldn't they attack last? These fucks can't keep their own propaganda straight for a full sentence. [They jump the border AND THEN become lazy, obviously. That's why 54% of Hispanic households are on welfare in the US. Duh.]) Also, yes, the book consistently calls them "Latrinos", which makes sense if you've ever smelled them. Wew lads. Picture a stray TJ Chihuahua's asshole in mid-Summer after eating the remains of an obese man who sells dogmeat tacos to tourists and you're on the right track.
  • Sand Niggers: "Scumbags" that have "declared the White Race as one of their many enemies in their 'Jihad' or holy war" (ironic given that "holy war" is in the fucking title.... Wait, how is that 'ironic'? The guy who wrote this originally seems like he might have been low-IQ...) which can try to blow themselves up to attack.
  • Gooks: "Timid, annoying, slanty-eyed pieces of excrement that so desperately wish they were White" (never heard of Weeaboos, eh? [Everyone has heard of Weeaboos, they're just proportionally less common than tiny-dicked Mongoloid bugmen who wish they could get White pussy]) which can gain extra attacks in hand-to-hand combat from watching "fake martial arts movies", which makes you wonder how they would gain extra attacks if the movies are fake (It doesn't say the attacks hit anything, mind you).
  • Kikes: "The worst and most evil parasites that the world has ever seen" who can bribe the PCs with jewgold to skip their turn, courtesy of the power of "brain pollution". (Which, paradoxically, pretty much destroys the premise of the White Warriors as "superior" beings [because if a virus can kill a lion, clearly a virus is a superior organism, right?] and more of them being hypocritical race traitors who sold their race for money [which, granted, is has happened on repeated occasions in reality]. As we've [aka the muddy queer who wrote this originally] said previously, these people have the fluff-writing skills that would make the likes of Matt Ward and C.S. Goto seem like Dan Abnett in comparison, albeit the stuff about the Jews is mostly accurate.)

So in Conclusion...

Racial Holy War is a perfect example of something so terribly awful it can't even be used an example of how not to do something, said the whiney queer who wrote most of this, but what the fuck sense does that even make? If you desperately want to lose friends, there is no sure faster way then presenting this to them and going on about what a great idea you think it is; again, coming from the queer who finds sodomy and baby-rape more offensive than wasting Hispanic drug-lords. About the only good thing to come out of it is some decent racial stereotype jokes and a lot of assmad non-White kvetching, and that it's about as close as one can get to a Pen-and-Paper version of most normalfag's perception of /pol/. While FATAL can at least be delivered to one's roleplay group as some sort of sadistic April Fools joke due to its inscrutable mechanics and depth of sexual depravity, Racial Holy War truly has no redeemable qualities whatsoever if you are an assmad non-White - otherwise, it fills about the same niche as FATAL, but with a focus on extreme racist stereotyping instead of equally-extreme sexual depravity. Just look at this last bit: "Its only function is propaganda that ought to remain hidden somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, with its unfunny racial stereotypes, broken mechanics and incomprehensible fluff accessible only by those too stupid to live." If seeing how rump-rustled it makes this clearly non-White fagyot doesn't make you want to shitpost in RPG form, you're probably not White.


Many neckbeards and ca/tg/irls may ask themselves; who the fuck created this mess?

The creator is a lesser-known (thank the Emperor) racist priest of an obscure white supremacist cult calling itself the "Creativity Movement" which just happens to have the idea of a "Racial Holy War" as a part of its doctrines and even uses the same abbreviation of "RaHoWa" for it (hence the ranting about the Holy Book of Creativity, their equivalent of the Bible), "game" creator and lobotomy recipient known as Reverend Molyneaux. No, not that Molyneux or that Molyneux.

His "works", if you can even call it that, consist of RaHoWa, a shitty blog, and his hilariously exaggerated to the point of vomit-inducement white supremacy fapfic known as "White Empire", which features a Gary Lu self-insert, wannabe Punisher and Tom-Cruise-in-Top-Gun-ripoff known as "John Granger" who neutron bombs simple African villages, wasting enormous resources to blow up a bunch of tribals in loinclothes. Then he loses a friend to a Jewish suicide bomber, tries to avenge him by infiltrating an underground race-mixing disco, and fails spectacularly: even his Garty Stu insert fails to prevent more deaths and suddenly quits the intelligence agency he just was vetted and taken in a single mission. Then he joins the extermination of Chinese in an Asian campaign, and kills some Jewish nuclear combat engineers on the Asian side. The story then ends abruptly as the next generation children go around LARP'ing King Arthur's knights and the world celebrates victory.

Oh, also men of the white empire are vegan, fruitarian, eat raw vegetables and nuts, work out like fuck, admire each other's manly skills and muscles and assets while women are in the back as childmakers. Make of that what you will.

The Creativity Movement

Molyneux's cult is, if anything, at least as bonkers as Molyneux himself. Founded by former Florida state senator Ben Klassen as the World Church of the Creator, it distinguished itself from the average hate group by disavowing Christianity as being invented by the Jews to oppress white people and generally made a nuisance of itself in the small North Carolina town it established itself in. Following Klassen's suicide and several lawsuits, its new leader Matt Hale quickly got himself embroiled in a lawsuit with an Oregon-based "New Age" cult network over a trademark dispute surrounding the organization's name (the New Age cult had filed a copyright in 1987, and the Spielberg Nazis, who had used the name since 1973, had failed to challenge within 5 years), overseen by a female judge (married to a Jewish man), which it initially won and later lost in appeals. In a stunning show of bad judgement and the extensive presence of government agencies within any and all organizations attempting White advocacy, he then attempted to solicit the murder of the judge presiding over the lawsuit (whose mother and Jewish husband were killed two years later by the horribly-disfigured plaintiff of a medical malpractice lawsuit which she had dismissed; totally unrelated, but karmically amusing), only to be arrested when his chief of security was revealed to be a FBI informant. Holy shit, a ridiculously over-the-top Spielberg Nazi group turned out to be heavily infiltrated by the FBI?! WHAT A SURPRISE!

TL;DR- It may be a nutty game, but it was made by a nutty cult, created by a guy who was probably Jewish and led by a stooge being groomed by the FBI.

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