Renegade Demagogue

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Yoho yoho, a traitor’s life for me!

Renegade Demagogues are leaders of forces of the renegade rabble of the Lost and the Damned. Akin to platoon leaders and commanders. They take many forms and follow different creeds and no two Demagogues follow the same path. Each Demagogue are specialized with certain aspects.

A single Demagogue in any one Renegade Command Squad in the army may be upgraded with one of the following options, no more than one Demagogue in the army may purchase any of these upgrades. A Demagogue that has been upgraded with one of the options listed will always be the army's Warlord, regardless of the Leadership value of any other HQ choices included in the army.

Known Types of Renegade Demagogues include:

  • Primaris Rogue Psykers - A unshackled and extremely powerful and dangerous psyker. Most likely possessed by a Daemon or two.
  • Mutant Overlord - Leader of a band of Mutants and are utter brutes in melee.
  • Master of the Horde - A particularly charismatic leader capable of bringing entire worlds and systems to damnation.
  • Arch-Heretic Revolutionary - A follower of Chaos operating under the guise of a revolutionary seeking to liberate humanity from the Imperial yoke.
  • Heretek Magus - A rogue Tech Priest who wants to be free from the dogmatism of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Reaver Lord - A fucking space pirate. Do I need to say more?
Forces of the Lost and the Damned
Command: Apostate Cardinal - Chaos Champion - Renegade Command Squad
Renegade Demagogue - Renegade Enforcer - Rogue Psyker
Human Troops: Cultist - Disciple Squad - Pontifex Guard - Renegade Infantry Platoon
Renegade Marauder Squad - Renegade Support Squad - Negavolt Cultist
& Beasts:
Beastmen Attack Squad (Khorngors - Pestigors - Slaangors - Tzaangors)
Chaos Beast - Chaos Hound - Chaos Spawn - Mutant Rabble
Ogryn Brute (Ogryn Berserker - Plague Ogryn) - Plague Zombie
Vehicles: AT70 Reaver Battle Tank - AT83 Brigand Super Tank - Chimera - Hellhound
Leman Russ Battle Tank - Salamander Command Vehicle - Stalk Tank - Sentinel
STeG 4
Artillery: Basilisk Artillery Gun - Colossus Bombard - Griffon Heavy Mortar Carrier
Hydra Flak Tank - Minotaur Artillery Tank - Medusa Siege Gun
Rapier Armoured Carrier - Wyvern Suppression Tank
Daemon Engines: Blight Drone - Blood Slaughterer - Brass Scorpion - Lord of Skulls - Plague Hulk
Super Heavies: Baneblade - Macharius Heavy Tank - Malcador Heavy Tank - Valdor Tank Hunter
Flyers: Hell Blade - Hell Talon - Valkyrie
Spacecraft: Arvus Lighter