Renegade Enforcer

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Commissar.gif This article or section is EXTRA heretical. Prepare to be purged.
Instead of Blamming you, he'll just shank your sorry ass.

Renegade Enforcers are troops that fall within the Lost and the Damned. These brutish and crude minions of Chaos serve to keep the undisciplined hordes of a renegade army under control and keep up the advance in the battlefields.

Renegade Enforcers are much like Commissars in fluff and crunch, they increase the LD value of the unit they’re with by 1 as long as they’re alive, and should the unit fail a Morale check or LD test, they’ll execute one squad member and force the unit to re-roll the test. As if that wasn’t good enough, they have access to a special piece of wargear, combat drug injectors. This lovely item allows you to give the entire unit Rage when you declare a charge, but at the end of the assault phase, they must pass a Toughness test, or D3 random models will be removed.

Well, they were until 8th edition took away the combat drug injectors and then 9th edition got rid of the blamming. All these guys do now is buff leadership of squads around them, which isn't that big a deal considering random leadership is gone.

They are also cooler than their loyalist counterparts. Who the hell wants to serve some red capped fucker when you can serve under a badass motherfucker wearing a black skull for a mask.

Other than the pretty cool outfit, Enforcers are equipped with either a laspistol or even a bolt pistol for Blamming cowards who have disappointed the Dark Gods and a sharp and pointy Close Combat Weapon to shank both enemies and allies alike.

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