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Risia, the Plain of Ice is a plane in the cosmology of the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Eberron, commonly nicknamed "The Orrery". A blizzard above a field of blowing snow that covers an infinite glacier, Risia consists of layer upon layer of cold and ice. Though mountains break the surface of the plane here and there, they are formed of solid ice, not stone. Lakes and streams mark the landscape but they are not made of water, they are places where the air itself has congealed into a frigid liquid, deadly to the touch. The atmosphere of Risia freezes the eyes and lungs, the wind steals the breath, and the snow buries and entombs all things.

Planar Traits

Mildly Evil Aligned
Enhanced Magic: Spells with the cold descriptor are maximized and enlarged.
Impeded Magic: Spells with the Fire descriptor are impeded.
Cold: The average temperature on Risia is zero degrees fahrenheit. On any given day, there is a 50% chance of extreme weather in the form of snow, sleet, hail or a blizzard.
Risia Inhabitants: Ice Devil, Ice Mephit, Ice Para-elemental (all), Frost Salamander, Immoth, Chraal, Rejkar, Snowflake Ooze.
Coterminous: When Risia is coterinous, area of extreme cold (such as the Frostfell in the extreme north), begin to take on some of the planes traits. Conditions of extreme cold (-20 degree F) become even more intense, the cold deals 1d8 points of non-lethal damage every 10 minutes. Entering a region of extreme cold during this time has a 30% chance of opening a temporary conduit to Risia, taking creatureas to the Plain of Ice. Similarly, natives of Risia can enter the Material plane in such areas, and are 70% likely to be encountered near any areas of extreme cold. In areas of extreme cold, spells with the cold descriptor are enlarged and empowered. Risia is coterminous for the midwinter month of Zarantyr, once every five years.
Remote: When risia is remote, cold becomes somewhat less intense. Conditions of extreme cold (-20 degree F), are reduced in severity: The cold deals 1d4 points of non-lethal damage every 10 minutes (Fort vs DC12 + 1 per previous check negates). Except in areas of extreme cold, spells with the cold descriptor are harder to cast, requiring a Spellcraft check vs DC15 + spell level. Risia is remote during the midsummer month of Lharvion, once every five years, two and a half years after the coterminous phase.