Storm Giant

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For the Space Marine Chapter from Warhammer 40,000, see Storm Giants

Storm Giants live underwater and like to throw lightning bolts like Zeus. As of 5th Edition--with Titans out of the picture--they are now at the top of the Ordning.

Missing their Ordned ruler's Storm Giants don't recognize any higher authority. They are one of the most elusive of the giants, preferring to live solitary lives in the remote places from the Tops of mountains to the deepest oceans, often near the crossings to the elemental planes. If your fighting in a Storm Giant's cattle, thankfully rarely would there be more than only one.

Storm Giants are among the wised of their kind and the most prophetic. They see omens in any event and spend most of their time in isolation reading and Pondering the signs. Socal Ranks are determined by Prophecy skill, based on how many Omens one can perceive and their significance.

Though classified as "Good", storm giants did in inherited the temper of the Titans. They will apologize and pay in gold after annihilating a town because a kid said he smelled like fish. A more concerning thing is they have exhaustively been seeking Omens about the return of Annam and wish to live to see the prophesied resurrection of the kingdom of Ostora, something Dwarve's enslaved ancestors can attest to is not a good thing.

To ensure to see this event storm giants seek places of strong elements to disperse into at the end of their natural lifespan to become Quintessence, gaining some immortality as sentient storms.