Synaptic Disintegrator

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Green laser pointers of doom.

A sniper rifle that can at best, turn you into Steven Hawking and at worse, turn you into maggot food.

A Synaptic Disintegrator is an advanced sniper weapon utilized only by Necron Deathmark assassins as their favored weapon to deliver death from afar. These cruel long-barrelled rifles fire compressed leptonic beams of sub-atomic particles which destroy neural and synaptic tissue.

Beginning within the target’s brain and spreading in microseconds throughout their entire body, molecules unbond with one another, causing the luckless target to crumple limply to the ground like a puppet with its strings severed. Synaptic Disintegrators are capable of sustaining a rate of fire at long range -- even when the wielder is on the move -- that few other sniper weapons can match.

Those killed by the first shot from a Synaptic Disintegrator are the fortunate ones, for a hit from the weapon that is less than fatal almost invariably leaves the victim an echo of his former self; his neural tissue utterly destroyed and his mind torn apart.

May or may not be an advanced version of the Neuro-Disruptor and the Neural Shredder.

Synaptic Obliterator[edit]

Synaptic Obliterator with underslung Transdimensional Projector. Say goodbye to your entire mass of Carnifexes.

The Big Daddy of the Synaptic Disinegrator. Instead of merely giving a single target a pronounced brain aneurysm, the Synaptic Obliterator does it on a dozen targets at once, and these targets just so happen to be the size of Imperial Knights. These weapons are Necron heavy weapons attached to the scary Spider-esque Seraptek constructs.

The Synaptic Obliterators are a particularly fearsome Necron weapon which, upon being trained upon an enemy, unleash a concentrated burst of sub-atomic particles capable of tearing apart the molecular bonds within their target's cells or structure.

The Synaptic Obliterator seems to be the dominant primary weapon as it shares the underslung Transdimensional Projector underneath. These weapons are good against a variety of targets, ranging from chaff like Boyz and Chaos Marines (at least until the new codex drops anyways) being prime targets for the Projectors, while the Synaptic Obliterators cause anything wearing heavy armor or being shaped like a vehicle to immediately stop existing. They do this by having a mind-boggling Strength of 16, an AP of -4, and a flat 6 damage. Granted, each gun only has d3 shots, but each one of those shots is an individual anal circumference test. Imagine, if you will, riding in a Leman Russ Battle Tank. Out of the viewport, you see what looks like a massive spider in the distance. You manage a short scream of horror before your tank, and everyone inside is disintegrated. Yeah.

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Dimensional: Transdimensional Beamer
Basic Weapons:
Directed-Energy: Gauss Flayer - Gauss Reaper - Tesla Carbine
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Incendiary: Gauntlet of Fire
Other: Synaptic Disintegrator
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