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Quick questions[edit]

It says near the bottom of the page "beware of the circlejerk." Some users over at the forums would like to know what the problem is and what we might be able to do to fix it.

We'd also like to hear the concerns with exalted states and their skub-worthiness.LordRadical May 21, 2017


The circlejerk part shouldn't be taken more seriously than "small forums usually have a userbase that know each other and are friendly with each other more so than with outsiders"

Some exalted states are uniquivocally good, but others are debatable, some people love them and other people hate them, but while it is true that none of them on paper are ihnerently shit it isn't so clear if those are good either. What's the name you give to something ambiguous of which you are not sure of its properties but polarize people's opinions? Skub