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What the living hell sonic weapons have to do with "Eldar laser weapons"?

Ranger Long Rifle Stabalizer

The article makes mention of how the gun would not experience recoil because laser have no mass, which is true, in the traditional sense atleast

Now the gun would not move due to the laser firing, but the focusing crystals however would, as they'd expand due to heat generated by the laser, this would change the focus, perhaps not enough to unfocus the beam, but as anyone who knows anything about sights can tell you: Half a degrees over 20 yards might only be 2mm but over 2 miles it become 20 meters. The stabilizer arm could automatically move the rifle the tiny increments required to account for the minute differences in the focus as the crystals shrink and expand.

What could also be happening is the crystals could be vibrating due to either the expansion by the heat or because of their psychoactive nature, this would tehn act very similarly to recoil, which would require the stabilizing arm

And now the question is "Why do this if it's a laser?" and the answer is quite simple, because a laser does not move from one point to another instantly, despite the insane speed light travels at, that's still a long time over a large enough distance, and when it comes to piercing heavy armour at long range, the slightest deviation in the beam meaning it's not hitting the same spot for the entire burst could be enough to stop the burst from piercing all the way through the armour properly

If anyone has anything else to add or can find any flaws with what I've said, feel free to add to this