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Army Lists are mentioned, but not linked to. I feel like we should either have links or just not mention them at all. --Bjorn (talk) 13:38, 12 September 2013 (UTC)


The Black Templars no longer exist as their own army, really. Although we've still got Crusader squads, the Emperor's Champion, Grimaldus, and Helbrecht, GW kissed goodbye to "retreating" towards the enemy, Vows, and the Holy Orbs of Antioch. As far as I can tell, the rest of the BTs' old list can be more or less duplicated by using units in this codex (Sword Brethren as Vanguard Veterans, for example). They've been... half-Squatted?

- Nah, they still exist in fluff and continue to rock there. GW just significantly reduced their crunch. They have been Sisters-of-Battle'd.

  • Yep, that's how I took it. I mean, we still have most of what made Black Templars Black Templars. True, they don't retreat towards the enemy, but that was frankly a bit of a pain in the ass; instead, they get Crusader, so they're still good at getting towards the enemy. Similarly, Vows are (half-)gone (Emp's Champ still has them, sorta), but it's rumored they'll be reintroduced in the Supplement. Yes, the Holy Orbs are gone, but again, they might be reintroduced in the Supplment (whenever that comes). And most of the fluff changes weren't that big, overall; regarding the Astropaths and Navigators as holy makes perfect sense. The only change that I think is bad (and that's a topic for debate) is that they no longer hate Librarians and would accept them if they existed. That guy that said GW sometimes squats was being a whiner. Dok (talk)

Then what ever happened to the Demiurg? they appear in the new DLC for the Battlefleet Gothic PC Game. I am not sure if they are actually depicted ingame.



Pre-order for the squar popped up -Green

Squat rules and lore.

If nobody is going to add the lore and rules, I will. Somebody just format it for me and instead of thanking me, just sub me on YT. -Green

I'm putting a copy here in case somebody gets a rage boner at the un-formatted text on the main page. Grendl Grendlsen As a banner-jarl in the famed Vega Rams mercenary company, Grendl came to Necromunda with the Rouge Trader Lerd Constant Gerrit of the Arcadius dynasty's guard of honour. But while his Liege was entertained in the undreamed-of luxury of Lord Helmawr's spire-palace, the abhuman members of his household, including the entire compliment of the Vega Rams, were requires to remain in the Stranger's Tower, as they were forbidden to set foot upon the hive proper. In some ways, it is fortunate for Grendl that he was not present when the wing of the Helmawr Palace-spire was destroyed by a low-yield atomic charge planted by a rival House; yet in others it was unfortunate for in the subsequent household purge, Grendl was forced to flee, seeking sanctuary in the anonymous squalor of the underhive. Despite the dire circumstances of his coming to Hive Primus, Grendl Grendlsen quickly established a new life, finding gainful employ as a bodyguard to various underhive figures. At length, he earned the right to practice as a sanctioned Bounty Hunter, and now serves any master who will pay his fee. Grendl is famed for protecting his charges from their rivals and subsequently claiming the bounty on the would-be assassins' heads, and so far there has been no shortage of foolhardy rivals eager to test his skills, and his infamous hammer. Hired Guns In one-off games, Grendl Grendlsen can be included in a gang in the same was as any other fighter. In campaign games using the rules provided in Gang Wars, (italicized) he can be recruited by a gang in the pre-battle sequence; this secures his services for that one battle. He is not added to the gang roster, but a Fighter card will needed to be filled out for him (or you may photocopy the included Fighter card for personal use only). As a hired gun, he can never gain experience, cannot purchase Advancements and does not suffer Lasting Injuries - if he does go Out of Action, he simply plays no further part in the battle. In addition, no additional equipment may be added to his Fighter cards. In either mode of play, a Hired Gun increases the gang's Rating in the same way as any other fighter. Gangs may recruit a maximum of five Hive Scum and one Bounty Hunter at a time. Stats: Grendl Grendlsen, Bounty Hunter 280 Credits M 3" WS 3+ BS 4+ S 3 T 4 W 4 I 5+ A 1 LD 5+ Cl 7+ WIL 5+ INT 5+ Weapon: Boltgun Rng S 12" L 24" Acc S +1 L - Sty 4 Ap -1 D 2 Am 6+ Traits Rapid Fire (1) Power hammer Rng S - L E Acc S - L - Str +1 Ap -1 D 2 Am - Traits Melee, Power Frag Grenades Rng S - L Sx3 Acc S - L - Str 3 Ap - D 1 Am 4+ Traits Blast (3"), Grenade, Knockback Skills: Combat Master, Iron Jaw, Nerves of Steel Wargear: undersuit, flak armour

On the use of "Faggot" colloquially

"Fag," "Faggot" and other derivatives are an integral part of board-culture. I am not denying this, nor am I arguing the morality of this. However, using faggot as a clear pejorative in reference to homosexuality or femininity is clearly disparaging and defeats the purpose of a wiki (archival and information research). I have previously changed the gallery descriptions such that they portray the same meaning and callousness without harmful association, and they have been undone. I have previously reached out to the user, who continued placing blame despite good faith conversation on my part (responded with silence and name calling on undone edits). I am not creating a pity fest - I am however showing that I took all steps necessary, and if someone would like to discuss, here's the section. For my previous efforts to reach out, see my dump page or the user's talk page, which has since been wiped. I will undo it because I see no reason for it to be here, it's not a quote, it isn't helpful, and it doesn't represent /tg/ (most /tg/ goers weren't around in RT and 2nd ed, believe it or not - it's 100% a meme. One that belongs here and it relevant to /tg/, but is most definitely disconnected from it). --Kracked Mynd (talk) 19:01, 5 September 2019 (UTC)

I was the user that got into it with you about the use of "faggot BDSM elves." Personally, I think it's amusing. Not a hill I want to die on, but I think it's the kind of thing that one would readily find in, as you say, board culture. This was one of the first edits I made when I joined this site (not because I intentionally wanted to say faggot, but because I uploaded a bunch of shit scanned from the original RT and was thinking of suitable captions.) The text in question says "squats were doing the hit'n'run thing before mincy faggot BDSM elves (link Dark Eldar) and inscrutable orientals (link White Scars)", which is true. I don't see any affirmative reason do remove "faggot," really, especially as in the original exchange between you and I you referred a couple of times to your personal experiences, including living in a "conservative U.S. state" which is just silly; because I call the Deldar "faggot BDSM elves" doesn't mean that I'm interested in calling you a faggot (even if you are, in the strict definition of the word), but just because it's more or less appropriate, I think, from a "channish" standpoint, in describing the faction in question. But we could go on and on about this, it's a rehash of the "SJW wars" generally, and on some introspection basically I don't want to give an inch there as I feel like "your" side of the argument in culture generally has gained so much ground generally over the past decade, and feel like erasing this kind of speech, which is jovial in nature and no reasonable person would take as a slur against actual IRL homosexuals, is a symptom of the hypersensitive world we live in today. I wasn't the one who reverted most recently, but I'd still stand by the original text I wrote. However, as I said, not a hill to die on; I think that someone else probably should make the call. Since I joined I think you & I have come to a bit of a better understanding in other interactions so I take it less personally and hope you do too. Regardless, sans "faggot", there is actually a point in the text regarding Squat tactics with bikes. If there's any middle ground to be had, that is probably worth including, but I kind of feel like the whole joke is neutered thereby, and that's what it is, a joke, not at the expense of any IRL homosexuals, but more at the whole aesthetic of the Deldar, who, let me know if I'm going off base with this, would probably feel pretty at home in a grimdark version of the San Francisco Pride Parade. Enough pixels spilled on this, though, really: it may be harder to defend this kind of thing than to argue against it, "muh free speech" isn't really a card I want to pull out because it's just memeing; but "offensive to gays/whatever" is kind of a stretch too, given it's a made-up world with no inference of homosexuality with regards to the things actually under discussion. Based Tzeentch (talk) 05:27, 7 September 2019 (UTC)
I agree that this is probably a situation to leave to another editor, however, I would like to clarify my position.
My issue isn't with the word "faggot" itself. I'm here. Although /tg/ is much, much less ridiculous than /v/, /g/, or similar, it's still 4chan. We can both agree that this is part of the culture. To look at two articles with the word outside of a quote (which no one should be complaining about) that I have purposefully haven't removed, there is Khorne (which is in the Khornate red text, so I'm not going to try to quote it without a fuckton of context) and Vampire: The Masquerade ("...combat character who's not a minmaxing Celerity faggot and can actually contribute to non-combat stuff..."). I don't touch characters or organizations who have the *chan use of the word in effect, effeminacy or not. This is why I usually leave "faggot" alone for Khorne, or, more aptly, the angry marines; the idea that they are so angry and over-the-top masculine is a part of the joke, and reflect /tg/ culture. I also leave it for situations when it's left as a neutral modifier, both in *chan -fag names and by itself, as in VtM.
My only issue is when this crosses over into the real world, in which case I treat it like a racial slur - it should only be used in this situation in a /pol/ related article. This is a fine line to tread, considering the few number of real world related articles, but the way I treat it is that if it uses language exclusively used irl for violence (trap) or for dehumanization (tranny), it adds nothing to the article, the same way "nigger" or "jew" wouldn't. If faggot is used in ways that relate to this, it creates a serious grey area, which is a problem especially with Slaanesh and DEldar - it's an association with predatory behaviors, which isn't a good look for a site that claims relations to 4chan but has a much, much wider audience, given /pol/lack's most recent escapades and the sudden recognition of the incel culture (more on this below). So, this is definitely in that grey area and it certainly makes me uneasy, but, I think you're right, this isn't worth being uncompromising.
I mentioned that this site actually has a relatively small connection to 4chan itself, and it's actually surprising. The highest audience share is with Lexicanum with a whopping 63.5%, followed by GW, WC, DakkaDakka, and Spiky Bitz. 4channel only has a 5% audience overlap (at all), with 4plebs scoring double that (9.7%), presumably from opening links to cataloged threads on articles. The truth of the matter is that, while many/most editors here are on /tg/, the audience isn't. First and foremost it's people who are interested in Warhammer stuff looking at a funny source (every Warhammer subreddit references this wiki in some fashion daily), followed closely by people who play RPGs, seemingly mostly D&D and Pathfinder, looking at builds and loopholes, and finally folks with a taste of internet culture (tvtropes having a higher audience overlap than 4chan) looking for supporting pages, with Chris-Chan still leading in organic searches, although not in share of individual site visits. If we use language incorrectly, it will be a way to scare people away, but if we can use it in a funny and unproblematic way, tasteful or not, that's a guaranteed way to ensure this wiki is actually useful.
Basically, I have no ethical issue with you or your edits, we've collaborated on more than one page, but I do hold that this is not the best use of the word. --Kracked Mynd (talk) 15:45, 7 September 2019 (UTC)

More squatting Rumors

I can't find a direct link to the psychic awakening book, just this youtube video but people are talking about how tyranids might siege terra, and Get BTFO'd by the imperium Apparently