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Why exactly are people writing about something we have 0 information on? These pages are essentially headcanon tactics.

A lot of people are familiar enough with the game 1 and 2 factions to know what playstyles they’re good and bad against and enough about the game to know what counters what. Tzeentch is a fast skirmishing hit and run faction with strong missiles, Cavalry and air units. As such they’ll do well against slower faction without much rage but won’t do well against fast rushes or units who can out range them. At this point people know enough about the game that it’s easy to theorize what’s going to be good against what.
Additionally, the full TWW 3 rosters have not only been revealed, but showcased in gameplay footage numerous times. While stats and abilities may be tweaked here and there between now and release, the core gameplay and optimal strategies for using these units remains the same. Especially since there's only about a month left before release. Once Mortal Empires is released, the game 1 and 2 factions won't play much (or any) differently than they currently do without major reworks or DLC. Thus, as the above mentioned, we can safely infer what those matchups will look like based on all the provided information. If there's some drastic difference between now and the game's official launch, we can tweak the strategies recommended accordingly.