Thorgrim Grudgebearer

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"An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind."

– Mahatma Gandhi

"You stand before the High King. I will hear you beg now..."

– Thorgrim Grudgebearer

Thorgrim Grudgebearer was the last High King of the Dwarfs. He's from the Royal Clan Durazklad (Kh. Stone-Armour) is the High King (leader) of the Dwarfs during the Age of Reckoning. He is the Lord of Karaz-a-Karak, the capital city of the Dwarf empire, he is the leader of the Dawi people and he is descended from some of the most ancient and noble of all Dwarf lords, and as legend would have it, Grungni himself (as all the Royal Clans are believed to be direct descendants of Grungni and Valaya).

He is the keeper of Dammaz Kron (Kh. Grudge Book) - the Great Book of Grudges - on whose pages the most grievous misdeeds done to the Dwarven race are recorded, written in the blood of the High Kings. Dwarves are very good at bearing grudges, and the Great Book of Grudges recounts many episodes of the infamy of other races and of the gods themselves; every Grudge must be repaid, at best with coin at worst death and destruction. His purpose as high king is to make sure that all of the dwarf kingdoms work together.

He's unique for being a Dwarf who FINALLY acknowledges that the Dwarven habit of starting grudges, such as generational vendettas, over small matters and only accepting death and destruction as payment (for example; a Dwarf king's army attacked an Empire army to kill their general; the Dwarf king ordered this because the general's grandfather cut off one of the dwarf's father's hands), does more harm than good. In the End Times he wants to help the rest of the world, which shows he is Awesome.

Thorgrim was also able to break the spine and decapitate Queek Head-Taker for his crimes against Karak-Eight-Peaks. Unfortunately, he then gets shanked in the back thrice immediately after by the Skaven super assassin Deathmaster Snikch, his dying thought about how pissed he is over such a dishonorable death. A bad end for a great character. Oddly enough 8th edition removed the runes his armour is supposed to have which would've prevented that type of death from occurring.


Thorgrim is the faction leader for the main Dwarfs faction, later renamed "Karaz-a-Karak". He specializes in buffing his fellow Dawi's leadership, but is kinda redundant since Dwarfs have high enough leadership already. In combat, he leads his Dwarf kin atop his mighty toilet seat Throne of Power, where he can be seen commanding his four bodyguards to slam his throne at the enemy, judging by his attack animation, yet it is counted as AP damage. Truly a relic crafted by Grungni.

Funnily, he is known in the game for raiding Ostermark just because they forgot to pay 1 coin short for a Dawi's work, as well as sending his Thane agent to assault a Dwarf Hold for stealing his Halfling chef, who knows how to make his favorite nutty fig pudding (guess that's his favorite canonical dessert).