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Tilea is an area in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. Many people base it heavily on Italy during the end of the Dark Ages and the onset of the Crusades, and it was originally based on this era in Dogs of War but in the more recent editions of Warhammer Tilea is actually far more like the Ancient Romans. Tilea has no central government, and consists of thousands (as the Warhammer world is much larger than Earth, despite similar topography) of states that range from theocracy to monarchy to magocracy. They vary to the point that there's one to appeal to every Warhammer Fantasy player who wants a different flavour to their army but one isn't already in the setting.

When Dogs of War was supported in the game, most of the mercenaries were from the armies of the Merchant Princes, wandering sell-swords who were pretenders of the thrones of the various kingdoms of Tilea. The aforementioned armies themselves are usually mercenaries, with the army fighting for a nation that was comprised of people different to those in the Merchant Prince armies.

Out of all the human groups in Warhammer Fantasy, Tilea received the most fluff not pertaining directly to the "how we got here" of the army. Instead, Tilean timelines parody real world events in Europe from the French Revolution through the great famines, the battle of Thermopylae, the painting of the Sistine Chapel, Julius Caesar(here Curius Gaezar)'s attempt to invade Britain (here Albion) and others in that vein.

Since Tilea is in a constant state of war and political intrigue, innovation and art, and otherwise constant change without the status quo ever actually shifting it's possible that Tzeentch goes on holiday there.

And then the End Times happened, and shit got baaaaad. See, the part we didn't mention yet is that the literal Skaven capital, Skavenblight, sits midway along the horseshoe that is Tilea in the middle of a gigantic swamp. So as soon as the Skaven decided to kick things into high gear, Tilea was the closest to them and was immediately up to its eyeballs in rats, and all the State Leaders, aka Roman Emperors, were screwed over. The End.

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