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Tosculi are a race of giant wasps with humanoid forms and intelligence native to Midgard, a setting for Pathfinder 1st Edition and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Their hive-cities are a source of great fear amongst the other races of the Southlands; the Tosculi are ruled over by ruthless and tyrannical queens who keep their followers in-check by means of a powerful hive-mind effect. Many are even diabolists, worshipping the Archdevil known as Arbeyach.

But they are not entirely evil. A minority of Tosculi are hatched who are immune to the hive-mind, and those unfortunates who escape instead of being killed often become adventurers, seeking to find a place for themselves in a world that will not have them.

5e PC Stats[edit]

Ability Score Increase: Either +2 to one ability score of your choice, or +2 to one Physical stat (Str/Dex/Con) and +2 to one Mental stat (Int/Wis/Cha), with a -2 penalty to a third ability score of your choice.
Size: Small
Speed: 30 feet, Fly 40 feet (see Gliding Wings)
Natural Armor: Your base Armor Class is 11 + Dexterity modifier.
Natural Attacks: You can make Claw attacks that do 1d4 + Str modifier slashing damage.
Gliding Wings: You take no damage from falls. However, despite your Fly speed, you cannot hover; when flying, you must descend by one quarter of the distance travelled each round, or fall.
Stalker: You have Proficiency in Perception and Stealth.

Alternate Racial Traits: Binding Spittle: Replaces Stalker. As an Attack action, you may spit a ball of viscous fluid at a target within 60 feet that is Medium or smaller. Make a ranged attack against the target with proficiency. If successful, the fluid hardens upon impact and the target becomes restrained. As an action, the target can make a Strength check against a DC equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier to remove the condition. Anyone adjacent to a creature restrained by binding spittle may use their action to free the target in the same way. Dealing an amount of bludgeoning damage equal to half your level plus your Constitution modifier (AC 10) to the spittle also frees the target. After you use binding spittle, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Bite: Replaces Stalker. You have a Bite attack that functions as an Unarmed Strike that does 1d6 Slashing damage and lets you make a Grapple check on a successful hit. At 11th level, the damage increases to 2d6.

Latent Hive Mind: Replaces Gliding Wings. You can cast the Message cantrip without any components, and even when in an antimagic area. From 3rd level, you can cast Detect Thoughts 1/day.

Hardened Carapace: Replaces Gliding Wings. Your Natural Armor's base AC is 11 + Dex modifier + Con modifier.