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"Gas the kikes! Race war now!"

– /pol/'s battlecry

Skub's OTHER final form, and the opposite pole of SJW.

/pol/ is 4chan's "Politically Incorrect" board, nowadays populated by neo-nazis, alt-righters, ancaps, edgy contrarians, and other colorful characters who rant on Jews, black people, women, "Marxists", Muslims, Christians, Atheists, and every variety of white depending on the time of day. This also entails long passionate debates on whether Slavic or Southern European people count as white, or complaints about Jews causing everything from financial crises to World Wars to hurting your toe on a table leg. If you ask /pol/, they'll claim to be the best and most enlightened board that can see through the lies of society, while everyone from the other boards will call their userbase the most obnoxious and cancerous board on the whole site and nothing more than a right-wing Tumblr.

People who frequent /pol/ usually refer to themselves as /pol/lacks, but much more derogatory terms have been used to describe them by people outside of /pol/ such as /pol/io, /pol/luters, /pol/tards, /pol/yps, tad/pol/es and /pol/tergeists. The recently coined-term "alt-right" is quickly becoming for the right what the term SJW is for the left, albeit applied somewhat more accurately. On that note, SJWs and /pol/acks aren't above having similar attitudes towards both their ideology and people who don't agree with it - which may seem odd unless you're familiar with the idea of horseshoe theory as it applies to the behaviors of political radicals.


...What, that wasn't enough?

Do you REALLY want to know more about this?

...alright, fuck it. Put on the helmets, this is going to get wonky.

4chan's userbase is naturally a product of the industrial society, i.e. it bred a lot of NEETs and frustrated people who are largely kept in line with entertainment and porn and economic welfare, who gladly support any political party as long as their needs are met - inasmuch as they don't bother thinking about anything beyond their immediate well-being.

Additionally, 4chan in general and /b/ in particular had a history of racial supremacy expressed via memetic bigotry (i.e. using "nigger" as an insult, "faggot" as an endearing word, and "jewgolds" or "shekels" as the term for money). This was spurred further around the 2008 clash with Scientology unlocked some darker aspects of anger inside its userbase - but even in those cases the whole thing was considered little more than a joke by its userbase, just another way of ensuring that people who lacked thick enough skin would be driven off.

However, as time went on, the board "culture" took a turn for the cancerous: people who took such things at face value began to show up more and more often, and like any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots, they were eventually flooded by actual idiots.

This wouldn't be news, except...

Political discussions, especially online, are volatile things at the very best of times, with even the calmest attempt at discussing politics quickly devolving into extremist arguments on one or more sides. Trolls, fanatics, and shitposters alike stirred the pot, whether through sheer force of ignorance, actively feeding off the anger, boredom, or whatever the case.

This sounds normal, but again, this is 4chan, where reasonable discussions go to die, and /b/ was a major factor in that reputation. So naturally it became Ground Zero for many political arguments far too numerous to count here, and then spread with alarming quickness (naturally this included /tg/). This was driven by the increasing amount of shut-ins and general rejects latching on to the aforementioned views previously used as joke fodder, combined with 2009's economic shit housing.

As more and more of the userbase became living Poes and latched on to their ideology to the point where no one could look and tell if it was truly satire, Moot, being the Eternal Planner that he is, created /n/ (what /pol/ started as) to corral the arguments and contain people who had either forgot whatever original aims they mpossessed, or else simply used those aims as a cover for something they now legitimately believed in and gained validation from.

As you can see, it's gone swimmingly for everyone involved.

And this is relevant to /tg/ because...=

Pol leaves containment.png

Simply put, the population of stormweenies (named for Stormfront, a white nationalist website that can be considered a precursor, and whose community skill overlaps to a degree) has frequently refused to fuck off, to the point that global rule #3 was once 'Keep /pol/ in /pol/'; the rule has since been changed to a more general version saying not to post flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled-for catch phrases and other things that are unhelpful to a board, but since that's what /pol/ shitposting essentially IS, the rule is still the same in spirit. Several boards have a sticky at the front page telling people to keep politics in /pol/ as well.

Most attempts to curb /pol/ result in them spreading to other boards, where they will try to de-rail the threads on those boards to whatever political event that is galvanizing them and spreading around conspiracy theories. Whenever they are told to fuck off and quit derailing threads, they will start shouting buzzwords. They have been deleted twice throughout their history, and every time it has happened /pol/ has had to be brought back because their userbase spread to other boards.

Though /pol/ isn't the only containment board on 4chan, the other containment boards such as /mlp/ and /soc/ have far better userbases than /pol/, simply for the fact that the users of those boards (mostly) leave their baggage on those boards, and generally don't derail shit or act insufferable nearly as often (though /tg/ will derive entertainment from it regardless).

Ideology and Methodology (such as it is)

Suffice to say that while SJWs are the product of modern civil rights movements who blindly adhere to the LETTER of a given progressive political creed's code of conduct without understanding the spirit of it, /pol/acks by and large essentially aspire to become the uber-racist, sexist, hyper-reactionary card-carrying degenerates they think the other side believes them to be - or just as likely, use it as a cynical ploy to draw attention to themselves without genuinely believing in anything beyond what directly benefits them. That this is (again) exactly the same way some SJWs would come to conduct themselves - down to and including the general lack of cohesion, the typical response to anyone who doesn't share their opinion, and the tendency for more ambitious sorts to lead them by the nose - may explain why /pol/ seems so eager to join them in the race to the bottom.

Also like SJWs most internet "debaters", /pol/tergeists have no idea how anything actually works - even the basics of their own most common political beliefs are notoriously flimsy, if not OUTRIGHT blatant myths and lies that don't even humor the pretense of being half-right. Claims include: Stalin being a Jew (he was Georgian and a major anti-Semite to boot); the first reports of Nazi death camps came from the Soviets (it came from Poland); most welfare recipients being unemployed black people (even ignoring why they make up a good portion of that demographic, most people on welfare are white and only use it for 3 years or less); and the British Empire started declining by 1800 (their Golden Age was from 1816-1915, and one of the reasons was they employed JEWS more extensively than ever).

This is indicative of the biggest problem with /pol/ - its denizens suffer from a board-wide Dunning-Kruger effect, believing themselves experts on a multitude of subjects without actually doing the years of study would, and shitpost and overuse bad memes to compensate for the fact that even the most casual Googling could debunk most of their theories. Even Stormfront (which is run by an actual member of the Ku Klux Klan), has more principle; gods help you if you enter /pol/ from Israel.

This is exacerbated even more by their not staying in their containment board and generally forcing any meme they get their hands to the point of shortening its lifespan rapidly - it says a lot about their board when getting merged with /mlp/ during an April Fools' joke improved it. In addition to that general plague on 4chan, /tg/ in particular was affected by...

/pol/ and Warhammer 40,000 propaganda

"Suffer not the xenos to live!"

– Battle cry of the Deathwatch

One of the greatest headaches that /tg/ has with /pol/ is that they took the Grimdarkness and xenophobic policies of the Imperium of Man way too seriously, given 40k had its start as a satire of dystopian fiction (see also: Rogue Trader). /pol/'s Trump supporters believe that he is quite possibly a modern day incarnation of The Emperor, and that the Western world should really become an IRL Imperium with zero tolerance against Xenos and "Cultural Marxists", with lots of conspiracy theories that Trump is fighting an endless battle against the "Ruinous Powers" of Liberalism supposedly led by George Soros.

One of their most widespread propaganda involving 40k is the complete stereotyping of all Muslims as ultraviolent savages who reproduce by the thousands and have no other instinct than to kill, maim and pillage, and that Mexicans are an all-consuming swarm migrating to America to consume all of its resources, and that every single one of them should be subject to Exterminatus. This was not helped by the coining of the aforementioned term "alt-right" around the same time, whose origin can be summarized as a much less funny sequel to the infamous "Internet Hate Machine" spiel.

Initially, they helped him the only way they knew how: shitposting about anime, Pepe the frog, and catgirls in MAGA hats. Eventually they finally invented something "new", and created a shitty forced meme where they put Donald Trump's head on images of the great God-Emperor of Mankind. As a result, the page was subject to an edit war. Not many people find them funny, even in the rare case of the Photoshop job being decent, and the Trump buzz started to fade anyway as reality promptly ensued and people realized he was largely more of the same old shit (if "uber-rich American politician claiming to be the champion of the poor" sounds familiar to you, anyway).

The new wave of French elections brought a more horrific wave of shitposting, with Marine le Pen being photoshopped into Sister of Battle pictures. However, Le Pen lost the French election by a 30% margin, much to the chagrin of various /pol/tards. This was possibly compounded by the fact that Le Pen had abandoned the entire idea of 'Frexit' post-election, proving (for the umpteenth time) that politics at large is nothing more then a checkers game's worth of blatant propaganda designed to sway voters. It's almost like relying on a political figurehead for overall validation is a universally bad idea.

That said, using demagoguery, propaganda and appeals to emotion seem to work very well for the Imperium of Man, as 40k was intended as a bitter and ironic reflection of 80's Britain, so perhaps others trying to use 40k-memery in the real world is a schadenfreudish circle finally come complete.

Needless to say, many in /tg/ find the inclusion of real world politics in our 40k to be a sad, idiotic and pathetic phenomenon that should be punished by summary SAGE'ing, not least of all The Emperor himself.

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