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Skub's final form.

SJW stands for "Social Justice Warrior", a particular kind of individual known for attempts to police the internet and the culture of society as a whole by proxy. SJW's usually lean towards offensive attacks such as "doxxing", or hacking and illegally obtaining the personal information of an individual they dislike which is spread throughout the internet in an attempt to humiliate or even financially devastate them. If they can't contact the person's employer but still know the person's real name (which is a lot more common now than it used to be), more commonly they'll engage in witch-hunts to brand people who have run afoul of them as bigots, sending death threats and vitriol at the target. A big enough backlash on social media can permanently tar-and-feather an individual as irredeemably evil, thus turning them into a social pariah.

Originating in the late 1990's - mid 2000's - (and originally more neutral as they were merely annoying advocates of social change at first), like many internet-born terms, it tends to be thrown around to the point of near meaninglessness, but some people have offered more concise definitions. One that tends to work really well is that an SJW is 1. Far Left, 2. Heavily invested in Identity Politics, and 3. Has very low Integrative Complexity. That last one goes a long way to explaining their astounding inability to function outside of their echo chambers, and why they have an intense need to change things more to their own liking. As John Cleese (paraphrasing Robin Skynner) put it, "those who can't control their own emotions have to control other people's behavior."

Generally speaking, the term is thrown around as a buzzword insult towards the left-minded or those who are exhibiting more restraint than the user feels is appropriate. In this context, it is interchangeable with the term "Tumblr" as the site is believed by many to be their origin and gathering location (which is far from untrue, even though the bulk of the site is what one would otherwise expect anything on the internet to be: cats, porn, and memes). While still a major gathering place of devotees, it must be said that Tumblr is by no means the SJW's only enclave; conversely, even Tumblr itself has its own collective of right-wing tryhards who enjoy nothing more than having a crop of easy targets that aren't them ripe for the picking.

While, in practice, it is often used as an attempt by assholes trying to shut up people they're being rude to or who are harmlessly being a bit more politically-correct than them, this in no way serves to diminish how harmful (or worse, annoying) it really is to get the real deal on your tail. Specifically, when it comes to media, the demand for creative control (that is, outsiders going beyond mere criticism of a work and telling the actual creative team what to do or else) and the vilification of dissenting ideas can cause huge rifts in communities over issues that could have been easily handled by more mature and less egotistical individuals discussing it, instead of pointing fingers and calling people bigots. For independent creators in need of crowd-funding, this has often led to the blacklisting and sometimes collapse of otherwise promising projects, all because someone's sensibilities were offended and their friends joined the bandwagon to feel some righteous indignation. A few examples may be: considering a female player getting killed in a FPS a case of real life rape or throwing a bitchfit over not being addressed as e/Xim/Xer.

On /tg/

One of the first examples of SJW's in fantasy fiction would be the complaints over the all-white cast of Lord of the Rings movie.

While SJWs focus on comics, movies and video games, they've found little traction on tabletop games; as such, to /tg/ they represent poor trolling attempts and B8 threads (much like the /pol/acks they greatly resemble), as very few /tg/ products or interests are mainstream enough to warrant scrutiny (or continued interest if they do take issue with it). This is largely due to the fact that tabletop gaming is more obscure and any debates and criticisms surrounding the medium have long since passed as with other mainstream mediums of old. Therefore, the inner hipster of the SJW sees the tabletop game medium as not worth the effort and instead prefer mainstream mediums to target.

Nonetheless, a common target for criticism is Warhammer 40,000, with the three most common complaints being the absence of Female Space Marines, the Sisters of Battle having boob plates and, tied for third, the lack of women and non-white humans in the Imperium going by models and art. While these criticisms have truthfully been stated by non-SJWs themselves (in the SJWs case "even a broken clock is right twice a day"), the problem is that GW hardly listens to their own customers anyway, so complaining won't change shit no matter how obvious the problem is. This is what would separate them from the average savvy critic that knows what's up; more importantly, the average critic doesn't take it too far by accusing GW of purposely drawing only white male characters out of spite. Every 40k player knows that GW is simply bad at making business decisions.

Sometimes though, you may hear complaints about wargaming, and how it has too much imperialism, war crimes, genocide, religious extremism, xenophobia, abduction, child soldiers, injury and death of minors, suicide, rape, drug abuse, sexual exploitation, supernatural horror, etc etc. While not mentioned by name, you can imagine they had one particular franchise in mind.

The healthy response (which seems to be anathema to SJWs) is to take matters into your own hands and just make those dark-skinned female guardsmen yourself and troll some /pol/acks while you're at it. Half the fun of Warhammer is making your armies your own anyway, so why wait for GW to change? Hell, that extends to wargames as a whole, to say nothing of the tabletop game medium in general. But remember, as long as someone makes their dudes "wrong," someone will always be yelling.

It should be noted that GW has been somewhat addressing these issue, in Age of Sigmar any way several models have non-white skin tones (the first unhelmeted Sigmarine is black) and the most promoted faction other than Sigmarines and Khorne is the mostly female Sylvaneth.

The wrong response (and this is almost always true, by the way), is to insult the fans for liking something they don't like. But hey, whatchagonnado? Complaining about people liking something you don't like is almost as popular here as complaining about people not liking something you love.

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