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The Trinity Continuum, once known as the Æon Continuum before trademark infringements got called up and forced the name change, is a set of three interlinked settings done by White Wolf early into its life, after its Old World of Darkness meta-setting took off.

It's a meta-setting divided into three, each based on different parts of humanity's "life cycle" and released going backwards - so from the oldest point to the earliest. Got cancelled whilst it was only partly developed, but Onyx Path purchased the rights in 2012 and began rebooting the line, starting with Æon in March 2018.


The namesake setting, a post-apocalyptic Earth in which an incredibly advanced human civilization was devastated when the Aberrants, mutant super-humans enhanced with quantum-manipulating powers, turned on humanity and destroyed it in the Aberrant War. Human players are psychics, awakened with specialized technology to destroy the remaining Aberrants and help fully restore humanity. Also, there's a meta-plot about a coming alien invasion.


Humanity during the "Golden Age" before the Aberrant War. Quantum-empowered superhumans called Novas have begun to arise and are seemingly leading humanity towards a new future. Since Trinity came first, you know what's really going to happen, right? The Novas who really mutate are called "Aberrants", after all. Essentially a grimdark superhero RPG.

This fantastic premise for an RPG was unfortunately ruined by being a White Wolf game in the 1990s. Check the NPC roster for any random splatbook. Notice how many of them are gay. Then take a look at how many of the gay novas tend to be blatant Mary Sue disasters, and how the hetero-normative NPCs are either "allies" or dumb, ugly creeps. Hell, let's look at the setting's version of Magneto, Divis Mal. Divis Mal is gay, and the most powerful nova in the world, and an enlightened visionary whose schemes the PCs are powerless to stop, and is in a respectful and loving relationship with an almost-as-powerful gay nova. Divis Mal is also always right and conveniently vindicated for whatever bad shit he does, since it's humanity who starts the Aberrant War by secretly sterilizing Novas en-masse. At one point the writer said that the name of the gameline referred to himself Divis Mal personally.

It eventually got a major rewrite for a rerelease in the new 10's, which cleaned out a lot of the conspiracy and grimdark (and toned down the extent to which Divis Mal Did Nothing Wrong, as well as his general... Divis Mal-iness), but though PCs have more of a chance to try to change things than they used to, the default path humanity is presently on is still leading to the Aberrant War.


The final setting released, and the earliest on the timeline. Glorious pulp age misadventures with talking gorillas, lost cities, Nazi superweapons, two-fisted gadgeteers, and all that good stuff.

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