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Hi folks!

JackalRobot is just 1 of 14,255 registered here, and is in the minority by not being a spambot.

JackalRobot has been described as a sad bastard. This user page has been described as spam. Its true intent is to act as a sort of to-do list/bragging list combo. In a way it's also a warning, but not a threateny sort of warning, more the sort of warning you get on the side of packs of controlled substances.

JackalRobot has no interest in 4Chan. Deal with it.

Note to self:[edit]

  • Get back to the Ghostbusters RPG article; it's painfully short and deserves to be bigger, desu. I think that's mostly done for now; I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.
  • Once done with that, add in some more RPG articles that are absent and expand stubs. Things I know a bit about so could (potentially) write:
  • Ongoing: help reduce down the lonely, sad orphan pages. I've chosen to try and maintain those starting with "M", for no good reason. But if everyone contributing here took a letter and got to it, it'd be easy work. You eat an elephant one bite at a time, and with a lot of ketchup, and a big knife, and disregarding traditional table manners. Afterwards, you take a big shit.

Yeah, that stuff bores me now. Especially the orphan pages bit, what was I thinking?