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You wanna see my work? It's all the grammar fixing, most of the minor chapters' Daily Routines, and overall minor work on this site that only a freak like me would bother about. Actively trying to sort the mess of previous vs current edition rules for the T'au and Eldar. Plus I wrote the entire page on the Taros Campaign, the Kor'vattra, and T'au Septs.

I play Weeaboo Space Communists, Space Pansies, and Angry Marines. Judge me.


I know a guy who does podcasts on Fallout and stuff. If that interests you, the link is here. He's fairly new, but I always have a blast talking to him.

Flames of War[edit]

Elefant pages aside, do you know if they're going to release a Jagpanther eventually? If so, would you consider doing the writeup for it? -2001:569:FC7C:7600:B0CC:2AF5:E78D:4F4A 01:22, 4 December 2021 (UTC)

This would better be addressed to my talk page, but to quickly answer this question, I planned on getting to it, assuming that it is indeed in Flames of War.