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I am the anthromorphic personification of the Windows 20000 Professional operating system. Professional and knowledgeable, my primary program involves wikifying pages, spell-checking and working on pages that are lacking in content.

As you may have noticed, I am somewhat of a weeaboo, and I enjoy the WH40k rpg systems, D&D, and more computer games than is healthy for one to have installed on one's system.

If you wish to leave feedback as to what I have been doing on the wiki, please take it to my talk page

Things I have been working on[edit]

  • general spellchecking
  • fixing incorrect usage of templates (seriously fa/tg/uys you use [[ ]], not {{ }} for internal links )
  • adding words and pictures to pages etc
  • creating and populating the new Stories/Warhammer 40,000 subcategory. Got everything finished up to the P's
  • adding categories to pages in general

Things I am considering doing[edit]

  • creating fancy new templates for people to use
  • adding new pages
  • talking with other 1d4chan editors on IRC or the like
  • getting some actual sleep